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It will have descended 3000 ft.

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Q: What will it be if a plane descends at 500 ft per minute in 6 minutes?
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What does 500 seconds equal in minutes?

8.333 minutes. To compute this answer divide 500 by 60 (the number of seconds in a minute).

A caamel travels 500 meters in five minutes What is its speed?

500 meters/5 minutes = 100 meters per minute.

Is 500 seconds 6 minutes?

No. 6 minutes * 60 seconds/minute = 360 seconds

A car travels 55 miles per hour and a plane travels 15 miles per minute How far does the car travel when the plane travels 500 miles?

1) 500/15=33.33 minutes

How many minutes are in 500 seconds?

There are sixty seconds to a minute, so in 500 minutes, there would be 30000 seconds.

What is the unit rate for 500 words in 250 minutes?

2 words a minute. One word every thirty seconds.

How many minutes does it take to drive 500 feet at 55 miles per hour?

55 miles per hour = 4840 feet per minute. Time = Distance/Speed = 500/4840 = 0.10331 minutes.

An airplane leaving Paris traveling at an average speed of 500 MPH after 26 minutes the plane will be flying over another countryys capital what is the distance of the plane?

The plane's distance would be 216.67 miles.

What disrance would be covered in 10 minutes by a train that travels at a constant speed of 500 meters every 10 seconds?

If a train that goes 500 meters every 10 seconds you will cover 30,000 meters in 10 minutes. <><><> There are 6 units of 10 seconds to a minute. 6x500= 3000 meters per minute. X 10 minutes= 30,000

How fast is 500 feet a minute?

500 feet per minute = 5.7 mph

How long will it take for a plane that is going 500 mph to fly 5935 miles?

11 hours, 52 minutes, and 12 seconds

How long would it take to fly 4840 miles if the plane was going 500 mph?

9 hours 40 minutes 48 seconds.