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There should be some sort of adjustment screw on top of the sprinkler head, otherwise you can change out the nozzle.

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Q: What will make your sprinkler heads shoot out further if they are not getting all the way to where they need to cover?
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How can sprinkler heads get damaged?

Sprinkler heads can be damaged by lawn equipment such as mowers. Also, freezing and hard water deposits can build up.

Fire sprinkler heads gallons per minute?


How many inches should objects be from the fire sprinkler heads?

National fire code requires at least 18 inches of separation from sprinkler heads to things stored beneath them.

Is it easy to relocate sprinklers to different areas of my lawn?

If you utilize an in-ground sprinkler system, relocating sprinklers will require you to tear up most of your lawn as you will need to reroute pipes and sprinkler heads. For above ground sprinkler systems, relocating sprinkler heads is fairly easy and is completely dependent on the length of your hose.

What is the maximum distance between fie sprinkler heads?

What kind of paint is used on fire sprinkler pipe?

Just regular latex paint. Just don't paint the sprinkler heads or they will have to be replaced.

What is the maximum distance between fire sprinkler heads?

Depends on the sprinkler head. I've used 10 ft up to 18 foot. It should be in the specs when you look at the type of sprinkler head you have.

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What type of sprinkler head is typically found in open warehouses with high ceilings?

Upright heads

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What is the minimum distance that objects should be from the fire sprinkler head?

National fire code requires at least 18 inches of separation from sprinkler heads to things stored beneath them.

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