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Q: What would 17304 be if it was front end rounded?
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How is 311.190 rounded to the front end digit?

3 is your front end digit nothing in the numbers can round up so it would seem that 300 would be it

What is front end rounding of 37145?

Front end rounding is using the first or the first two digits to make an estimation. 37145 would be rounded to 40000.

What is the front-end estimation for 75.45 - 15.53?


Where is the crown on a shotgun barrel?

The "crown" of any firearm is the front end of the barrel- the muzzle. It refers to a rounded shape of the end of the barrel.

What is the Front-end estimation method?

Front end estimation is a quick method to find an estimate of sums and differences, however it is generally not more accurate than the answer produced by adding or subtracting rounded numbers. Take for example a pair of pants and a shirt that are $24.99 and $16.99, respectively. The correct total of these items would be $41.98. Using the method of adding rounded numbers would yield $42 - which is only two cents from the correct total. Front end estimation would yield $40 - which is $1.98 short of the correct total. The use of front end estimation is why stores sell things for $24.99 and $16.99, rather than $25 and $17. It is an open attempt to make the consumer think that they are paying for something at a lower price than they actually are.

Does the paramecium have a front end?

Good question but, I believe the correct phrasing would be does a front end have the paramecium.

Is the anterior end of Paramecium rounded or pointed?

the anterior end of Paramecium is rounded.

Is this correctly hyphenated front-or back-end load?

No. I would use "front-end or back-end load." Use a hyphen when "front-end" or "back-end" is being used as an adjective, otherwise do not.

How do you estimate a Sum by rounding?

Numbers that end in a digit of 4 or less should be rounded DOWN to the nearest ten.Example: 24 rounded to the nearest ten would be 20Numbers that end in a digit of 5 or more should be rounded UP to the nearest ten.Example: 28 rounded to the nearest ten would be 30

What is front end rounding of 75?

Front end rounding is taking the first digit and making the rest 0. 75 would be 70 in front end rounding.

Do You Have Issues Transporting or Moving Snowboarding Rails?

Some snowboards have specific ends. the end of the snowboard that is slightly more raised from the ground than the other is generally the front. or the more rounded end goes to the back with the more oval shaped end at the front.

What is 402 rounded to the nearest 10?