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The answer is -r

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Q: What would 2r 9r-5r-7r equal?
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What does the diameter of a circle equal?

2R or two times the radius.

Do two radii equal one diameter?

Yes. D = 2R

If a diameter of a circle is 28 in what is the radius?

Diameter equal 2r (d=2r) So if your Diameter is 28 then: 28=2r (divide 2 on both sides) 14=r therefor the radius is 14

How do you find the radius of a semi circle with an equal perimeter to a rectangle with 1 side 3cm and the other side equal to the radius?

Suppose the radius is R cm. Then the perimeter of the rectangle is 2*(3+R) = 6 + 2R cm. The length of the arc of the semicircle is pi*R and the length of the diameter is 2*R so the perimeter of the semicircle is pi*R + 2R The two perimeters are equal so 6 + 2r = pi*R + 2R That is, 6 = pi*R and so R = 6/pi

How do you do absolute 2r plus 9 absolute equals 5?

|2r + 9| = 5 So 2r + 9 = 5 or 2r + 9 = -5 so that 2r = -4 or 2r = -14 r = -2 or r = -7

What is the answer to -7 equals 7-2r?

If: -7 = 7-2r Then: r = 7

What is 2r plus 5 less than negative 1?

2r + 5 - - 1 When simplified: 2r + 6

What is 4r2-25 factored?

4r2-25 = (2r)2-52 = (2r-5)(2r+5)

How do you solve 2r-1 equals 9?

2r-1=9 2r =10 r =5

Factor 4r minus 25?

4r - 25 does not factor. If that were 4r2 - 25, it would be the difference of two squares, which factors to (2r - 5)(2r + 5)

What would 8pr over 12p in simplest form be?


Identify the boundaries of the solution of this inequality 2r 2?


What do you times to -2r to get -13?


What is 3r-8 equals2-2r?

If: 3r-8 = 2-2r Then: 5r = 10 And: r = 2

If the circumference of a circle is tripled what happens to its radius?

The radius is directly related to the circumference of a circle by C=π 2R so it would get proportionately larger as the circumference grows. If you start with C=π 2R where 2R=C/π then change C to C2=3C then 2R2 becomes C2/π or 3(2R)/π

Can the area of a circle ever equal the circumference of a circle?

No, no it can't. Circumference = 2r*pi Area = pi*r2 For the area to equal the circumference pi*r2 = pi*2r so divide both sides by pi r2 = 2r so divide both sides by r r = 2 Note that circumference is in units and area is in units squared i.e. radius = 2m, area = 12.56637m2 Ciercumference = 12.56637 m

What is the dimension of 2R photo?

2R = 2.5 inch x 3.5 inch

What is C equals 2r for r?

If: C = 2r Then: r = C/2

What is 32 plus 3r equals 82-2r?

A math problem

How do you make seven with three twos?

It depends on what operations you are allowed to use, but if repeating decimals are allowed it is easy. I can't type a dot or bar over a digit to indicate a repeating decimal here, so I'll type .2r for .222222..., which is equal to 2/9. Thus 2/.2r is 9, so 2/.2r - 2 is 7, as required.

What is the solution to soukoban level 11?

1d i posted a video on how to do this on youtube...go to com and search for soukoban 2l 3d 2r 2u 2d 2l 2u 2l 1u 2r 1u 2r 2d 2l 2d 2r 1u 1d 2l 3u 2l 1d 1r 1d 2l 3d 2r 2u 2d 2l 2u 2l 1u 2r 1u 2r 2d 2l 2d 2r 1u 1d 2l 3u 2l 1d

What is the answer for 2r plus 5 -1?

2r + 4 or 2*(r+2)

What is 7-2r equals 13?

If: 7 -2r = 13 Then: r = -3

How do you solve 2r-7 equals 9?

2r - 7 = 9 (+7) (+7) >> add 7 to both sides so that only 2r is on that side 2r = 16 2r/2 = 16/2 >> divide both sides by 2 to isolate the variable r=8 >>16 divided by 2 is 8 which is your answer

How does the volume of the cube compare to the volume of the ball?

The volume of a cube is L3. The volume of a sphere is 4/3 π r3 . If L=2r, Vcube=8r3. Comparing the volume of the cube with a side 2r and a sphere with a diameter of 2r where the r's are equal gives us: Vcube/Vsphere= (8r3)/(4/3 π r3 ) or (8x3)/(πx4) As π roughly equals 3 the equation simplifies to: Vcube/Vsphere=2 or a cube with its side equal to the diameter of a sphere has a volume approximately twice that of the sphere.