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As a percent turned into a ratio, 3 over 10 would be 3:10

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Q: What would 3 over 10 be as percent turned in to a ratio?
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What is 5 over 10 as a percent and ratio?

50% and the ratio is 1:2

What is 31 over 50 turned into a percent?


What is 23 over 40 turned into a percent?


1.71 percent translate into a ratio?

1.71 over 100

What percent of 6 is 4?

the formula for percent of change isthe difference of the two number being compared over the original amount you had6-4 over 6 would be your problem2 over six would be your answer, but it can be simplified to one third, and then turned into a percent of 33.3 repeating %. the percent of change would then be a 33.3 repeating % decrease source Nerd

Can you change 6 over 35 to a percent?

Of course you can. Any number can be turned into a percent.

How do you write a ratio 39 over 100 as an percent?

0.39 or 39%

What is 1 over 6 turned into a percent?

16 and 2/3%

What is five tenths over ten in a ratio and percent?

5 to 100, 5%

What is 3 over 8 turned into a percent?

It is: 3/8 = 0.375 = 37.5%

What ratio is equivalent to 4 over 28?

The ratio would be 1:7

14 over 28 is what ratio?

The ratio of the numbers 14 over 28 would be 0.5. This is taught in math.

What is the difference between a ratio and a decimal?

For example, lets say we have the fraction 70 over 10. The decimal form for that would be 7 tenths (.7) but the ratio could either be 70 percent, .7, and 7 to 3.

What is 620 over 31 equal when you put it as a ratio?

As a ratio it would be 20:1

What is the math conversion of percentages to ratios?

You put the percent over 100 and that's your ratio. For example, 7 percent is 7/100 as a ratio. But sometimes you might wanna simplify if it's a even number. Example, 50 percent can be written as 50/100 as a ratio but it can also be weitten as 1/2.

11 2 over 7 out of 100 for write each ratio as a percent?

16 to 68

How do you change a percent into a ratio?

Put the percent over 100 to make a fraction. Then simplify the fraction and you have the ratio. ex.) 1. 50% 2. 50/100 (thats the fraction 50 over 100) 3. 1/2 (I divided both the numerator and denominator both by 50) 4. 1:2 (thats your ratio)

What is 35 percent of 20?

35 percent of 20 is 7.To find this answer, you set up two ratios.100 3520 xThe first ratio,100 over 20, is showing that 100 percent is equal to 20. The second ratio, 35 over x, is showing that 35 percent is equal to the number that would go on the bottom. But since you don't know what that number is, you put an x there instead.To find x, you simply multiply 20 by 35 and divide the product (700) by 100, which would be 7. And there's your answer: 35 percent of 20 is 7. You're welcome. J

What would the fractional Notation be of 44 and 7 over 8 percent?

What would the fractional Notation be of 44 and 7 over 8 percent?

What is 50 percent of of 50.00?

50 percent is the same as a ratio of 50 over 100. If you multiply this ratio by 50.00, you find the solution. (50/100) X 50 = (1/2) X 50 = 25 25 is 50% of 50.

What is 2.32 turned into a percent?

To turn any decimal into a percent, simply multiply by 100, or move the decimal over to the right two spaces. 2.32 = 232%

What is 4 over 9 in percent?

4/9 as a percent would be 44.4%

If a highway that has a 6 percent grade rises 6 feet vertically for every 100 feet horizontally which trigonometric ratio is being used in reporting the 6 percent grade and why?

This would be rise over run. I don't think I can explain why. Tangent

What is the ratio of 25 over 100?

1:4 is the ratio of What is the ratio of 25 over 100

How do you change a percentage to a ratio?

percent are out of 100. take the percent and put it over 100. then reduce. some numbers can not be reduced. Example: 25% = 25/100 = 1/4