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What would 66 inches in height be?

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5ft5 66 divided by 12

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What is 66 inches in height?

66 inches is 5 feet and 6 inches.

What is height 5 feet and 6 inches converted to inches?

66 inches.

What is the area of a triangle that has a base of 111 inches and a height of 66 inches?

area = 0.5*111*66 = 3663 sq inches

What is the height of 66 inches tall?

It is: 5.5 feet

What is the proper height for someone 66 inches tall?

Five feet six inches

William paterson's height in inches?

William Paterson was 5'6, or 66 inches tall.

How do you measure your height in millimeters?

My height, h , is 66 inches. My height, h , in mm is given by : h = ( 66 in ) ( 2.54 cm / in ) ( 10 mm / cm ) = 1676 mm <---

What is the standard height for a robe hook?


How many inches is 66 inches?

66 inches is 66 inches.

66 inches is how many inches?

66 inches is 66 inches.

How tall in inches would someone be if they were 5 foot 6 inches?

66 inches

What is cubic feet of refrigerator if it is 66 inches height 33 inches wide and 31 inches deep?

66 in * 33 in * 31 in = 39.1 cubic ft approx. However, refrigerator volumes are usually the usable volumes.

How long is an Irish setter in length?

Height: Dogs 26-28 inches (66-71cm.)

What would be the height of a person in feet and inches if his height is 509 inches?

509 inches = 42 feet 5 inches tall

What would 67 inches in height be?

5ft 7 inches.

Would the height of a tree be greater in feet or inches?

The height would remain the same.

What is 66 inches in feet and inches?

66 inches is 5 feet 6 inches (5'6").

What would be the height of a person in feet if his height is 113 centimeters?

His height would be 3 feet 8½ inches.

How high is 66 inches in meters?

66 inches is 1.676m

If a rug is 5.5 feet long how long would it be in inches?

It would be 5.5 times 12 = 66 inches

What is the height of someone with an arm span of 66 inches?

Arm span is approximately equal to a person's height. So the predicted height of a person with an arm span of 66in is also 66in.

How many yards are they in 66 inches?

There is 1 yard and 30 inches in 66 inches

What is 66 inches to 72 inches?

66 inches to 72 inches is 5.5 feet to 6 feet.

How much is 5 feet 6 in inches?

There are 12 inches in one foot. So the answer would be 66 inches.

How tall is a person whose arm span is 66 inches?

Obviously this varies with the person, but a rough estimate is that height. and arm span are equal. If you accept this idea, the person is 66 inches or 5 ft. 6 in. tall.