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US cents made since 1983 are zinc with a very thin copper plating. If it was minted on a planchet without the plating, it would be worth a few dollars. But a quick dip in a mild acid can remove the copper. It could also have been electroplated. Back in the 60's my high school chemistry class made a lot of copper dimes and silver pennies.

AnswerI also have a silver 1988 penny. I could believe the high school chemistry class experiment but all the info I've come across about people having silver pennies always seems to be the same year, 1988. It just seems to coincidental to me. Are these coins rare and nobody knows it or is every penny that happened to be electroplated in high school from 1988? AnswerIt is also possible that the coin was never plated to begin with. If a bunch of planchets did not go through the copper plating barrel they would have been struck in pure zinc. Answer

I thought that was odd too! I've seen a few stories specifically about 1988D, and mine is 1988D also. I got it when I was delivering Pizza, but I collect weird coins so I held onto it. It doesn't look like acid's eaten it away or anything, it's also scratched in two places with silver color inside the coin as well. The outside of the coin seems like a dark metallic grey.

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Q: What would a 1988 silver penny be worth it does not appear to be painted or scratched?
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a penny has a hardness of 3 depending on what it is being scratched on.

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Would calcite be scratched by a penny?

I think no.

Which mineral can be scratched by glass but not a penny?

A topaz

What is the value of a 1959 silver penny?

The US mint never made cents out of silver. Most likely your coin has post-mint damage such as silver or chrome plating that makes your coin appear silver.

How much is a silver penny worth from 1962?

US pennies have never been made of silver.

Is 1817 penny silver?

No, there is no silver in a 1817 US penny.

Penny 1982 that is a non painted metallicy color what I don't get is that its out of date to be silver so what is it?

Maybe it was treated with a chemical that reacts with copper. The steel pennies were 1943 only.

What is a 1960 silver U.S. penny worth?

There is no such thing as a U.S. silver penny.

What is a 1989 silver penny worth?

The U.S.Mint has never issued a silver penny.

What can be scratched by glass but not a penny quartz apatite topaz or gypsum?


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Pennies were not minted in silver. If you have a silver Penny it is because somebody has plated it. Modified coins have no value.

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No such thing as a 94 silver penny.

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There was never a silver Indian Head penny.

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The U.S. has never made one cent (penny's) coins from silver. The coin has likely been silver plated. It is not rare or special, it's just a penny.

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The US has never made a silver penny. It may look like silver or have been silver plated. Value is one cent.

What is a silver penny dated 1993 worth?

U.S. pennies have never contained silver. Your penny is probably silver plated for jewelry or other decorations.

Why did the penny turn silver after a few minutes in the hot solution?

It's not silver. It's a 1943 steel penny.

What is the value of a silver 1983 penny with no state letter on it?

if the size of your penny is the same size as a copper penny and your penny is SOLID silver then a silver penny would be about 2.1 grams and today(june 25 2012) silver price is about $28.79 an ounce and there are 31.1 grams in 1 ounce making you penny worth about $1.90 but since the (kind of ) rarity it would be about $3 to somebody on ebay(+shipping) hope i helped :)

Did in 1963 silver penny exist?

The U.S. never minted a silver penny. It would have more than a dime's worth of silver in it. Your coin has been plated.