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One Dime

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Q: What would a coin equal to one tenth of a dollar?
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Related questions

Which coin is one tenth of a dollar?

a dime

What coin equals one tenth of a dollar?

A dime.

One dollar represents one whole which coin represent one tenth?

The dime, or ten-cent piece, represents one-tenth of one dollar.

What coin was used for a bit in western days?

I believe that would be a one dollar coin, cut into 8 equal pieces, two-bits equaled 25 cents.

What coin equals one tenth of a dollar a quarter a nickel a dime or a half dollar?

100 pennies to a dollar20 nickels to the dollar10 dimes to the dollar4 quarters to the dollar

How much heavier is a half-dollar coin than a dollar coin?

A half dollar coin weighs 11.34 grams and a dollar coin weighs 8.1 grams so if you use subtraction then the answer would be 3.33.

Where do you find a mintmark on a 1901 Morgan dollar?

If the coin does have a mintmark it would be under the "DO" in dollar on the back of the coin.

What is a 100 cent coin?

A 100 cent coin would be a dollar.

America eagle five dollar gold coin 1989 the value?

As of today 1-28-10 value is $107.72 the coin is one tenth ounce of pure gold.

What is a German coin worth in the US?

1 Euro coin is equal to 1 dollar and 35 cents in 2009 May.

What is the value of a gold 1987 us liberty eagle one tenth ounce 5 dollar coin?

As of today value is $113.12

What is a tenth of a denarius?

According to World English Dictionary, a Denarius is a Roman gold coin equal to 25 silver denarii. So, a tenth of a denarius equals 2.5 denarii.

When will The US have a 5 dollar coin?

Currently the Mint has no plans for a $5 coin in general circulation. But from 1986 to 2011 one tenth ounce bullion coins with a $5 denomination were produced.

What does dime mean in English?

A United States coin worth a tenth of a Dollar. It also has a lot of slang meanings. It's slang uses have bean related to the number 10, so it makes sense that a Dime is worth one TENTH of a Dollar.

How many cent is equal to dollar?

There are 100 pennies (cent) to each dollar in US coin/currency.

What is the value dollar coin?

The value of a dollar coin would depend upon the date it was minted, the mint mark and the condition of the coin.

What 3 sets of coins equal one dollar?

a half coin and two quarters

What is the value of us 3 dollar gold coin s?

$3 One US Gold Dollar Coin is equal to $1. 1*3=3

What would an 1897 british 20 dollar coin amount to in US currency?

There is no such thing as a British 20 dollar coin. If you have a 20 dollar coin it must come from some other country (or even British colony)

Is your 1944 twenty centavos filipinas coin worth anything?

It has almost a tenth of an ounce of silver in it so it's worth about a dollar from that. If it's in excellent condition, the numeric value is probably also a dollar .

How much is a dollar gold coin worth?

The value would depend upon the condition of the coin.

What is the value of a 1987 Gold Five Dollar?

The 1987 5 Dollar gold eagle is a 1/10 ounce bullion coin. What ever the price of gold is per ounce the coin is worth one tenth of the price. Right now gold is $1,164.20 per oz.The coin is worth $116.4. The proof is worth more.

What is the value of a 1901 ten dollar gold coin?

The exact value of a 1901 ten dollar gold coin would actually be dependent upon a number of factors. Some of these factors would include authenticity, condition and gold content of the coin.

What is a 1972 dollar?

If you mean a coin? The 1972 dollar coin is an Eisenhower dollar.

How many five cent coins are equal in value to a one dollar coin?

20 = 100 / 5