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980,000 pound. (nine-hundred eighty-thousand)

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Q: What would be 1 million pound subtract twenty thousand?
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How many fifty pound notes in a million pounds?

1000000 / 50 = 20000 Twenty thousand

Is one hundred thousand pound one million pound?

No. A million pounds is ten times bigger than a hundred thousand pounds.

How many thousand pound do you have if you have 1 million?


How many million pound in a billion?

There are a thousand millions in a billion.

How much does Iker Casillas earn a week?

£125.000 one hundred and twenty five thousand pound A WEEK.

How much money is six million eight hundred thousand British pound sterling to US currency?

Six million eight hundred thousand pounds of sterling

How do i subtract 9 tenths of a pound from 252.2 lbs?

Subtract one pound and add one-tenth. The answer is 251.3 .

How many Pakistani rupees in a twenty pound?

There are 2,858.682 Pakistani ruppees in a twenty pound

How much inheritance tax would you pay on two and a half million pound?

one hundred and forty thousand pounds

How do you write eleven thousand and twenty pounds in figures?

Depending upon which type of pound it is: * £11,020; or * 11,020 lb

What weighs twenty pounds?

a twenty pound weight.

What do you call a million million pound?

A billion pound(s)

What is the colour of a Bank of England Twenty Pound note?

The Bank of England Twenty Pound note is mostly purplish.

How many thousand pound in one hundred thousand pound?

The answer is in the question. There is exactly one hundred.

When was the Australian Twenty Five Pound note first printed?

Australia has never produced a Twenty-Five Pound note.

What is more a shilling or a pound?

A pound is more. It takes twenty shillings to make a pound

When was the Bank of England Twenty Pound note first issued?

The first Bank of England Twenty Pound note was issued in 1725. The first Bank of England decimal Twenty Pound note was issued in 1970.

How many pound coins can you fit edge to edge on the m1 going south to leeds?

about 77 million 409 thousand 700 houndred and 12

How many 5p do you need to make a pound?

Twenty of them because 20 times 5p equals 1 pound

What is the duration of The Million Pound Note?

The duration of The Million Pound Note is 1.5 hours.

How many Royal Bank of Scotland commemorative Twenty Pound notes featuring the Queen Mother were issued?

The Royal Bank of Scotland (2000) Twenty Pound note commemorating the 100th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother were issued in the serial range QETQM 0000001 to 2000000. There were 2 million notes issued.

What is Another word for twenty?


When was The Million Pound Note created?

The Million Pound Note was created on 1954-01-07.

What is the ISBN of The Million Pound Bank Note?

The ISBN of The Million Pound Bank Note is 9783526521662.

When was The Million Pound Bank Note created?

The Million Pound Bank Note was created in 2007.