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Perimeter = 24 and area = 27 . . . . . rectangle, 3 by 9

Perimeter = 32 and area = 15 . . . . . rectangle, 1 by 15

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Q: What would be a greater perimeter but a smaller area to a question of 24 and a area of 27?
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Is the perimeter of a polygon less than the area of the polygon?

if your perimeter totals the same as 4 times pi then the maximum area that can be encompassed is equal to the perimeter. This is done by forming a circle. if you change the shape of the circle then the area will become smaller than the perimeter(circumference) if you make the circumference of the circle smaller then you will definitely decrease the area faster than you would the perimeter if you make the perimeter bigger then you will definitely increase the area faster than you would the perimeter.

How many feet are there around the perimeter of an acre?

The question as asked cannot be answered. If the field were circular, the perimeter would be the least possible. But for a long thin field, the perimeter would be much larger.

Is 0.09 greater than 0.0956?

no, it would be .00900 which is smaller than .00956

What is the smallest fraction greater than 0?

There is no such number since half that number would still be greater than 0 but would be smaller than it.

What is the area of a figure if the perimeter is 120 units?

It would depend on the figure. Your question is not specific enough.

How many feet is the perimeter of 640 acres?

Information about the area is not enough to determine the perimeter. 640 acres is 1 sq mile. The smallest perimeter possible is if the area is in the shape of a circle and in that case the perimeter would be 3.54 miles = 18717 feet. If the area is a square the perimeter would be 4 miles = 21120 feet. If it is a rectangle, then any value greater than 4 miles.

Is 0.000018 greater than 0.00018?

No 0.000018 is smaller than 0.00018. This is because 0.000018-0.00018= -0.000162 ( if the number was greater then you would have a + answer)

Is 1.06 greater than 1.016?

Yes 1.06 is greater than 1.016 as 1.06-1.016= 0.044 (if it was smaller than it you would have a - answer)

Which number is greater 0.66 or 0.667?

0.667 because 0.66 would be the same as 0.660 which as we know would be smaller.

Is 2.5 grams less or greater than 616 grams?

if 616 is a bigger number than 2.5 then it would be greater if 616 is a smaller number than 2.5 then it would be less

What is the name of the perimeter of a circle?

The perimeter of a circle would be the circumference.

What is similar between area and perimeter?

Very little. The only two things that they have in common are that they are normally associated with two dimensional figures and that their measures depend on the measures of the sides (or other dimensions, such as radii) of the shape in question. An area is a two dimensional characteristics of the shape, a perimeter is 1 dimensional; there is very little association between area and perimeter - you can have very tiny areas with huge perimeters eg a 0.00001m * 1000m rectangle would have an area smaller than an A4 sheet of paper, but would have a perimeter of just over 2 kilometres.

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