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If unspecified, the square root is the principal root, which is the positive root.

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Q: What would be of the square root of a number if there is no sign in front of the square root symbol?
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What is the number outside the square root symbol?

It's a little hard to be sure what you mean by this question without seeing what you are looking at. I can think of two likely possibilities: 1. A number which is the same size as the square root symbol and written at the same level but located just in front of the symbol. This would just be a multiplier. 2. A smaller, superscripted number, possibly tucked into the angle at the front of the square root symbol. In this case, it isn't really a square root symbol anymore. It's a symbol for the root indicated by the superscriped number. For instance, if the superscripted number is a three and the number inside the root symbol is 8, this would represent the cube root of 8, or 2 (2x2x2=8).

What is radicand?

-The radical is the symbol that represents a square root. -The radicand is the number underneath the radical symbol. -The coefficient is the number out in front of the radical. (We assume that the coefficient multiplies the radical, the same way it would multiply with a variable.)

How do you find the base of a square in math?

To find the square root of a number you would use the square root symbol on the calculator, √, then enter the number. Ex.: √25=5.

What is the symbol for finding the square root of a number?

Original Answer: There are a variety of ways. LEt's look at how you would say Square Root of 25. SQRT(25) 25^0.5 25 Improved Answer: The square root symbol did not come through around the 25 in the above answer. Go to Google and enter Square Root Symbol in the search.

What is the highest square number?

There is no highest square number. If there was such a number then that number squared would be a higher square number!

How do you know if a number is square?

if toy times 1 by it self the answere would be 1 square number. so times the number by it self it would be a square number

What is the relationship between a square and square root?

The square of a number would be the fourth power of the square root of the number.

Whole number that can be named as a product of a number with itself?

That would be a square. If the number that was multiplied by itself is an integer, it would be a perfect square,

What is radicals in math?

A radical (√) is a symbol used to symbolize the square root of a number. For example, √4 would be read as "the square root of four," which can be simplified to 2. In cases where the resulting number is not a whole number, e.g. √5, it is sometimes the case that the number remains in that form for the final answer, depending on the problem and solution.

Is the number 6220 a square number?

6220 is not a square number. The nearest number that is a square number would be 6241. A square number is when all the integers are written down, it could represent a square eg. 4 x 4 meaning that 16 is a square number.

What mathematical symbol can you put between 1 and 2 to make a number greater than 1 but less than 2?

the square root symbol. that would make it 1,/2 (i don't know how to make a square root symbol, sorry) but since the numbers are next to each other it is assumed that they are being multiplied and the square root of 2 is approximately 1.414 right in between 1 and 2 :)

What is the 6 square number?

That would be the square of 6, 36.

Symbol used on a pedigree to repesent a male who does not have the trait?

An empty square. One that does have the trait would have the square filled in with a color.

How do you identify the transformations of a square root applied to a parent function?

Any number in a square root goes the opposite direction. For example f(x)=sqrt (x-2). This would translate the graph 2 units to the right. If you have sqrt x and -2 outside of the square root the graph would have a virtical shift down 2 units. If there is a number in front of the square root such as -3sqrtx there is a vertical shrink across the x-axis because the number is less than 0. Finally, if there is a number in front of the x, but under the square root such as sqrt6x, it is a horizantal stretch across the y-axis because the number is greater than 0.

What is the square root of 8800?

the square root of 8800 is Number 93.8083151964686. Someone would need to get a calculator and either square the Number 93.8083151964686 or square root the number 8800.

What isotope symbol has and atomic number of 56 with 26 protons and electrons and 30 neutrons?

If an atom has 26 and 30 neutrons its atomic number would be 26 and its mass number 56. Its symbol would be 56Fe.

How do you mark square roots on a number line?

This can not be done. Every non-negative number on the number line is the square root of its square. You would have to mark every number from zero on.

What is the difference between squaring a number and locating the square root of a number?

When you square a number, you multiply it by itself and the result is the square of that number.When you take the square root of a number, you start with an number and figure out what smaller number would produce your starting number if it were to be multiplied by itself.

What is the value of the 10th square number?

Normally, the tenth square number would be 10 squared, which is 100.

How do you square a 5 digit number?

Same as you would square any other number - multiply it by itself.

What symbol would you put in front of horse to also find pony and stallion?

a picture of hay

What is the square root of a square that has no root?

It's not a square if it has no root. If a number is a square then, by definition, it MUST have a square root. If it did not it would not be a square.

If you have a square in side a square for a front view and right view what would the top view be?

lol cuz its left

What is the sixth square number?

6^2 = 36. 36 is, therefore, the sixth square number.I guess that would be the square of 6.

How do you find an odd square number dividend?

It would be any number that divides evenly, so 9/3=3 The dividend, or the number being divided would be 9 and it would be a square number because 3 squared is 9. Other odd square number dividends would be 25, 49, 81.