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(480 square feet) / (9 square feet per square yard) = 53 and 1/3 square yards

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Q: What would be the square yards of 480 square feet?
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How many square yards in 480 square feet?

480 square feet = 53.3 square yards.

How many square feet equal 108 square yards?

(208 square yards) x (9 square feet per square yard) = 1,872 square feet

What is 480 sq feet in yards?

We have to presume you want to find out "what 480 sq feet is in 'SQUARE' yards. If it is square yards that you want to convert to you have to determine how many square feet there are in a square yard. A yard is 3 feet long a square yard is 3 feet by 3 feet, so to determine square feet in a square yard you multiply 3X3 to determine that there are 9 sq.ft in a sq.yard. So divide the 480 sq. feet that you have by the 9 sq. feet in a sq. yard: 480/9 = 53 1/3 square yards.There are other uses of the term yard which could apply, though. Fabric, for example, is measured in running yards (by a specific width of the bolt of fabric). The width could vary between 32 and 60 inches, depending on the fabric. So if you're trying to cover 480 square feet with fabric, then you would need more information. See related link below, about how fabric is measured.

How many cubic yards are there in 480 cubic feet?

17.8 cubic yards in 480 cubic feet.

How many yards are in 480 ft?

There are 3 feet in one yard. 480 / 3 = 160 yards.

What is square feet of 20 x 24 room?

480 square feet.

How many feet is in 480 yards?


What does 4840 square yards equals?

There are 9 square feet in a square yard. This is because there are three feet in a yard and when using square units you have to square the factors (so 1 square yard= 3*3 square feet). Therefore, 480 square yards= 480 *9 square feet= 4320 square feet Alternatively, you may use the conversion calculator here:

48 feet by 10 feet is how many square foot?

480 square feet, 48 times 10 = 480.

How many square feet are in a 480 square meter house?

480 metre2 = 5167 sq feet

How many square feet is 48 feet by 10 feet?

480 square feet.

How many square feet are in eight acres?

8 acres = 348 480 square feet8 acres = 348 480 square feet