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The first things I would check, Is It clean? Take the fore arm off and inside the barrel ring make sure that is clean. next make sure under the mechanism that slide on the magazine tube is clean pull back the bolt and wipe the mag tube good. then lightly coat with Rem oil or I like to use G 96. wipe off ecxess. Make sure you replace rings properly using the schematic for 2 3/4 loads and make sure you have a good o ring. I would make sure you use a remington 1100 o ring and not a hardware store bought one. one last thing to check is the little catch on the bolt in front of the lever you pull the bolt back with and see if you notice anything wrong with it. Chipped broke ect.. Good Luck - Tom

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Q: What would cause your 1100 not to chamber and eject two and three quarter dram loads?
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What would cause a Remington 1100 3 inch Mag shotgun not to eject trap load ammo?

The gun is not designed to function with low-dram field loads, "skeet loads" or "trap loads." The barrel only has one gas port, and these lower-power loads simply do not generate enough gas pressure to reliably operate the action. If the gun is perfectly maintained, clean, correctly lubricated and with new piston, seal and ring it will probably function well with any loads for a while but as soon as it gets dirty or builds up scale in the gas port it will begin to malfunction with anything less than full-power shells.

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