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Q: What would happen if a four digit number was allowed to be entered incorrectly?
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Why won't my iTunes card work?

either that you have entered the number on the card incorrectly; or the money on the card has run out

Host A in the Clerical office failed and was replaced?

Number 4 . Subnet mask incorrectly entered

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What is a number that can be entered into a cell on Excel?

Which of the following is a number that can be entered into a cell?

What characters are not allowed in Microsoft Excel?

I am not aware of any characters that are not allowed to be entered into an excel cell. However, there are some special rules about characters. You can not use spaces in macro or range names. You can not use a number as the first character in a range name.

What number was Kentucky when it entered the country?

Number fifteen.

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How do you input 10 numbers and print the highest number assuming there is a duplicate number?

Assume the first number entered is the highest and store it. After entering each subsequent number, compare it to the stored number. If the new number is higher, replace the stored number with the new number. Continue until all the numbers have been entered. The stored number holds the highest number entered.

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One is allowed, and the other is not. It really is as simple as that!

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