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It is halved.

48/12 = 4

48/24 = 2

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Q: What would happen to the quotient of two numbers when the divisor is doubled?
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What would happen if the remainder was greater than the divisor?

the quotient would be wrong

What is the quotient of two numbers is equal to the sum of those numbers?

If we insist on the condition that all the numbers must be integers... The only way this can happen is if the quotient and one of the other numbers are negative. For example, if the original numbers are -4 and 2, then their sum is -2, and the quotient of -4 divided by 2 is also -2. I believe that's the only integer example of a set of numbers satisfying that criterion.

When to numbers are compared by the process of division this is called?

If i understand what you are trying to ask correctly, it would be:The quotient of (whatever the numbers happen to be, or a letter if it's a variable)

What happen to period of a pendulum if amplitude doubled?

it increases

What will happen to coefficient of friction when weight is doubled?

no change

What will happen to the momentum of a body whose velocity is doubled?

Momentum = mass x velocity. So if the velocity is doubled, momentum will be doubled as they are directly proportional to each other.

If pressure of a gas and temperature of a gas are doubled what will happen?


What will happen to the volume of a gas when the temperature is doubled?

This volume increase.

What would happen to the sun's pull on the earth if the sun was doubled in size?

if the sun was doubled in size it wouldn't make a differne but if it was doubled it mass then the year would be much smaller

If the voltage in a circuit were doubled what would happen to the current in the circuit?


What would happen if the quotient is less than one?

What would happen if the quotient were less than one is that the number would become a decimal. It's basic fifth grade math.

What would happen to the area of a triangle when both dimensions are doubled?

If both dimensions are doubled then the area is quadrupled. This is true of any geometric shape.

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