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Q: What would the empirical formula be for 66 percent Barium and 34 percent Chlorine?
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What is the empirical formula for a substance containing 65.95 percent barium and 34.05 percent chlorine?


What is the empirical formula for barium nitride?

Formula: Ba3N2

What is the correct formula for Barium bonding with chlorine?

barium chloride

What is the empirical formula for Ba an S?

BaS is barium sulfide

What would the formula of a compound of barium and chlorine be?


What is the charge on barium in barium chloride?

Barium's charge is 2+ and Chlorine's charge is 1- so the formula would be BaCl2

What is the formula mass of barium flouride?

Barium fluoride is BaF2. Its empirical formula is BaF2 as well. Hence, its formula mass is same as its molecular mass i.e.175.34g/mol

What is formula for ionic compound formed from barium and chlorine?

Barium chloride is the compound which is highly soluble in water.

What is the chemical formula for the compound formed between barium and chlorine?


How many chlorine atoms in BaCl2?

There are 2. The chemical formula tells you that there is 1 barium and 2 chlorine.

What is the name of the sustance with the formula bacl2?

The name is Barium Chloride because it is the reaction of Barium (Ba2+) with Chlorine (Cl-).

What is the formula of a hydrate that is 85.3 percent barium chloride and 14.7 percent water?

BaCl2 2(H20)

What is the reaction of barium and chlorine?

In words, barium and chlorine react with each other to produce barium chloride. As a chemical equation, Ba + Cl2 -> BaCl2.

Barium ion plus chlorine ion?

Barium chloride; BaCl2

Is barium and chlorine ionic or covalent?

Barium chloride is an ionic compound.

Barium fluoride formula?

Barium fluoride formula is BaF2.

Which elements are in BaCI2?

Barium and Chlorine

What is the formula for barium fluoride?

The chemical formula of barium fluoride is BaF2.

Formula for barium iodide?

BaI2 is the chemical formula for Barium Iodide.

What elements are in the compound barium chloride?

The elements in Barium Chloride (BaCl2) are Barium (Ba) and Chlorine (Cl).

What does barium plus 2 and chlorine -1 form?

Barium chloride: BaCl2

What is the formula for barium iodine?

The formula for barium iodide is BaI2. "Barium iodine" is not a recognized chemical entity.

What is the formula of barium chromate?

Barium = Ba2+Chromate = CrO4-2So the formula of Barium chromate is BaCrO4.

Formula for the ionic compound composed of barium and sulfide?

The barium ion has the formula Ba2+, and the Sulphide ion has the formula S2-. The formula for the formation of Barium Sulphide is: Ba + S --> BaSThe formula for Barium Sulphide is BaS

What is the chemical equation for barium and chlorine?