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Neither. A kilogram is a measure of mass, not weight.

A maths book is more likely to have amass of 2 kg.

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Q: What would weigh two kilograms an orange or a math book?
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What would a small book weigh in kilograms?

The weight of a small book varies, but on average, a small paperback book may weigh around 0.2 to 0.5 kilograms. If you have a specific book in mind, you can check its weight on the publisher's website or by looking at the book's details on a retail website.

How many kilograms does a 4 pound book weigh?

First take the weight in Kilograms and multiply it by 0.453. This would give the weight in kilograms. So in this case the answer is 1.81 kilograms.

What would you weigh in kilograms a paperclip 2 blocks a pencil or a book?

Most likely a book. An average textbook is about 1 or 2 kilograms. Paperclips, pencils, and small blocks would be weighed in grams.

How would you weigh a book milligram or kilogram?

Technically, you can measue a book in any unit of weight or mass. However, the most correct answer for your question would be kilograms. Kilograms are closer to a bound where as miligrams are closer to 1/10th of a oz

Anna's textbook weighs 1425 gramsHow many kilograms does her book weigh?

1.425 kg

Is a book a gram or kilogram?

A kilogram.A kilogram.A kilogram.A kilogram.

Would you use grams or kilograms to weigh a book?

It matters on ow specific you want to be. Most commonly in grams.

How much would a math book weigh in kilograms?

Depends on the math book.

If a math book weighs 1 kilogram then how many kilograms will 10 math books be?

If one math book weighs 1 kilogram, then 10 math books will weigh 10 kilograms in total. Each math book contributes 1 kilogram to the total weight, so multiplying by 10 gives the weight of 10 math books as 10 kilograms.

How would you weigh a book?

uhhhh...with a scale...

What tool would you use to weigh a math book?

Scales :)

What would you measure a math book in grams or kilograms?

The gramme is probably better unless it's an unusually large and heavy book, as it would give you whole numbers.