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All four sides must be equal so you would have to either increase the width until it equals the length, or decrease the length until it equals the width.

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Q: What would you have to change in a rectangle to make it a square?
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What would you have to change in a rectangle to make a square?

Shorten its length to the same size as its width.

Why is a square a rectangle but a rectangle is not a square?

a rectangle doesn't have four equal sided measurements, which is the definition of a square. also it can take one or more squares to make a rectangle but u can't make a rectangle into a square.

What does a square and a square make?


Is a rectangle a special type of square?

yes, because if you cut the rectangle in half it would make 2 squares

Can you make a square that is not a rectangle?


Why isn't a rectangle always a square?

All four sides of a square have the same length. This is an additional condition, additionally to the conditions that make a rectangle a rectangle.

If using exactly two triangles what shape will that make?

The two triangles would make either a square or a rectangle.

If you fold a polygon half twice to make a rectangle what would the polygon look like?

the polygon would be a square

What does two square shapes make?

A rectangle.

What shape does it make when you put two square together?

a rectangle or square

How do you make two squares with 11 straws?

You take 6 and make a rectangle which is a square and take one of the 5 sticks break it in 2 to make 6 which you can make another square or rectangle easy

Can two triangles be put together to make a square or rectangle?

yes a square

Can two rectangles make a square?

if length of a rectangle is double of its width then such two reactangles make a square....

What two shapes make a rectangle?

Two square's

Does a square and 2 triangles make a rectangle?

yes it does

Can 2 triangles and a square make a rectangle?


How do you maximize the area given the perimeter?

In the case of a rectangle, you would maximize the area given the perimeter by making the dimensions equal. In other words, you would make the rectangle into a square. However, to truly maximize the area, you would make the perimeter a perfect circle.

Is a square always a rectangle and rhombus?

Yes, a square is a specific type of rectangle or rhombus. The only qualifications for a rectangle are that the corners have the make 90 degree angles and the sides have to be parallel, any square meets those qualifications.

What is a non-square rectangle?

a rectangle is a 4 sided polygon where all the angles are right angles and the opposite sides haveequal length. So a square is a rectangle. But take a rectangle that meets the definition I gave and make the 4 sides NOT the same length. Opposite sides are still the same, but all four sides are not the same so it is not a square. This is a non-square rectangle.

Can any two triangles put together make a square or a rectangle?

can two triangles put together make a square

How do you draw a house?

Ok Make a square and then put a big triangle at the top of the square and in the middle at the bottom of hte square make a rectangle like this

Can a trapezium have 3 right angles?

No, if a trapezium had three right angles, it would mean the fourth angle would have to be 90 degrees. That would make it a square or a rectangle.

How do you make a rectangle with triangle and square?

Put the two bases of the triangle together. To form a square. Place the squares side by side to form a rectangle

What Two dimensional shape can make a solid figure?

a rectangle or square

If you cut a rectangle in half does it make a square?

No. There is no way you can cut one rectangle in half and only get one square. The other half would also have to be a square and this will only happen if the proportions are 1:2 and you cut the long sides.There are infinitely many ways to cut a rectangle in half none of which result in new rectangles. Only if the rectangle has proportions 1:2 can cutting it in half make a square, in fact the result could be two squares, not one.

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