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There are 4800/60 = 80 hours

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Q: What would you like to do How many hours is 4800 minutes?
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How would you use a model to test the design of a new airplane?

like 2 hours and 50 minutes

How many hours is new moon?

its a little over 2 hours. i think its like 2 hours and ten minutes it is 131 minutes so 2 hours and 11 minutes

Example of how many minutes in 2 hours?

There are 60 minutes in 1 hour, you would like to know how many minutes are in 2 hours, Your Example is: 60 Minutes= 1 Hour, you have 2 hours, 1 hour + 1 hour=2 hours, so, we know there are 60 minutes in 1 hour, ipso facto: 60 +60= 120 minutes.

How long is 118 minutes?

118 minutes is 118 minutes long. If you would like it converted to another form of measurement, please specify. It's two minutes short of two hours.

What is 100 minutes equals to?

A minute is a measurement of time. Therefore, 100 minutes could be equated to any other measurement of time such as seconds, hours, days etc... but your question omits to say what you would like it to be converted in to. If we assume that the most likely conversion you would want to make is into hours, then: 100 minutes = 1 hour & 40 minutes = 1 2/3 hours.

How many minutes are in 1 hour and a half?

There are 90 minutes in 1 1/2 hours. However it depends on wether you are talking about Earth hours or a different planets hours like mars, which would technically go faster, and hours would be shorter...

How do you write 4800 in numeric value?

Like this ===> 4,800

How to pretend your in labor?

Pretend you have a bad belly ache. Every five minutes, clutch your stomach and act like it hurts. Do that for a couple of hours. Then do it every three or four minutes for a couple of hours. Do it every two minutes for a couple of hours. That's what labor is like.

How long is like mike?

8 hours 12 minutes.

How do you write hours and minutes?

You can separate them with a colon, like this 12:32 Which would best represent a time. Or 12h 32m for a time period.

How do you convert amps to amp hours?

volts times amps equals watts, a measure of power. Amps times hours equals amp-hours, a measure of electric charge. Electric charge times voltage is energy. So 120 volts at 10 amps for 4 hours would pass 40 amp-hours of charge, the power would be 1200 watts and the energy would be 4800 watt-hours or 4.8 kilowatt-hours. So volts times amp-hours equals energy in watt-hours.

How much time does the average person spend on facebook?

five hours and forty-six minutes a month... 11 minutes a day