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Your grade would be 75 if you missed 25 questions out of 100. If there are 100 questions, each question would be worth one point.

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Q: What would your grade be if you missed 25 questions out of 100?
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What percentage would you get if you missed 5 questions out of 14 questions?

If you missed five, your total right would be 9/14. To find your percentage, divide 9 by 14 to get .642... Then multiply this by 100 to get your grade, which is a 64%.

What percentage would you get if you missed 6 questions out of a 20 question 5 grade math quiz?

* You would get a 70%, because 20-6=14 and 14/20=.7 *100=70 percent Kaner

If you missed 7 questions out of 100 on a test what is your grade?

93 % A+.Since it is 93% so anything higher than 90% will be counted as a A+.

If there were 46 questions on a test the person missed 2 what percent of the test would be correct?

If a person missed 2 questions on a test, they would have 44/46 correct. This would mean they had approximately .9565 correct. That times 100% = 95.65%

What is your percentage if you missed 25 out of 75 questions?

It is: 25/75 times 100 = 33 and 1/3% missed questions

What is your percentage score if you missed 18 out of 80 questions?

18 ÷ 80 × 100 = 22.5% So the percentage of missed questions is 22.5%

What percentage would you get if you missed 1 out of 10 questions?

It is: (10-1)/10 times 100 = 90%

What is your grade if you missed 18 out 46 questions?

Subtract, to find out how many you got right. Then divide the right answers by the total questions, and multiply by 100. Note that this assumes:That the grade is calculated as a percentage.That all questions have the same "weight" or value.

What is your percentage if you missed 31 questions out of 100 questions?

69%. Just subract 31 from 100. 100-31=69.

What grade would you get for answering 21 out of 32 questions right?


If you miss 2 questions out of 7 what is your grade?

Even if you assume the questions are all worth the same number of marks, the answer may well depend on the grade boundaries.

What percentage would you get if you missed 6 questions out of 25 questions on a english test?

Percentage of correct answers = (25-6)/25 * 100% = 76%

What would your grade be if you got 13 questions wrong out of 40?

If by grade you mean percentage, you would have scored 67.5%. 40-13= 27 (27/40) * 100

What is a 80 percent letter grade?

Depends on how many were possible. For instance on a test of 100 questions 80% would be a B.

What is your percent if you miss 6 questions and there are 30 questions total?

To calculate your percentage, first subtract the number missed from the total; In this case, 30-6. Then from there you would take the answer (24) and divide it by the total number of questions (30). Then multiply your answer by 100. .80 * 100 = 80%

20 wrong out of 100 questions is what grade?

It depends on exactly what scale is used, but for almost all, that would be an F.

What is the grade 46 out of 52?

You would divide 46 by 52 and then multiple by 100 to find the percent. The grade would be an 88 if all the questions are worth the same amount.

How many questions missed out of 100 to get 95 percent?


What is your percentage if you missed 9 out of 75 questions?

Missing 9 questions means that your total mark is 66 out of 75. That would make your percentage 88% out of 100.

What grade is a 57 percent of 100?

D+ according to my grade calculator. You missed most of the test. Not very good.

What is a 65 percent out of a 100 percent grade?

According to my grade calculator it is a D. If there are a 100 possible and you got 65 than means you missed 40% of the test.

How do you calculate a test that has 25 questions and missed 19 questions?

On a calculator you do 19 divided by 25 to get you percent and then you can figure out your letter grade. 90-100 A 80-89 B 70-79 C 60-69 D 0-59 F

What percentage would you get if you missed 3 questions out of 13?

if the bearing of the correct a nswer is the same as the o nes that is missed the n % rate of correct a nswers: = (13- 3)/13 * 100% = 10/13 * 100% = 76.92%

What percentage would you get if you missed 4 questions out of a 17 question quiz?

The percentage is 13/17 times 100/1 = 76.5% rounded

What is the percentage if you missed 17 out of 20 questions?

85%% rate of questions missed:= 17/20 * 100%= 0.85 * 100%= 85%