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3.5% of 5500 = 3.5/100 × 5500 = 192.50

→ gross pay = monthly_salary + commission = 2200.00 + 192.50 = 2392.50

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Q: What would your gross pay be if you earn a monthly salary of 2200 plus 3.5 percent commission on your sales of 5500?
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When the Monthly salary is 2100 what is the annual gross salary?

Whwn the monthly net salary is £2100, what is the annual gross salary ?

Megan works for Zipper Mart where she earns a monthly salary plus 3.5 percent commission on sales Compute her monthly gross pay if she is paid 200.00 a month and has sales of 5500.00?


What is the monthly gross pay if the basic is 2250 a month with 4.9 percent commission on 4828 in sales?


Gross pay for an annual salary of 29763 plus a commission of 6 percent on sales of 2500?


What is the gross monthly pay if there is a basic of 1300 per month plus a 2.5 percent commission on 4290 worth of sales?

1407.25 BECAUSE 2.5% commission on $4290.00 sales = 0.025 x $4290.00 = $107.25 Giving $107.25 commission PLUS $1300.00 salary = $107.25 + $1300.00 = $1407.25

Sherri has a gross monthly salary of 4700?

A gross monthly salary is the amount of money you make before taxes and withholding. The net amount is what is left after deductions.

What is the gross weekly salary when it is a basic weekly salary of 1150 plus 7 percent commission on sales of 6329?

salary = 1150 + 7% of 6329 = 1150 + 7/100 × 6329 = 1593.03

Calculate the gross pay for an annual salary of 29763 plus a commission of 6 percent on sales of 2500?

29,913 6% of 2500 is 150

Compute the gross pay for T J Yates whose annual salary is 33562 with a 6.2 percent commission on a total of 400 in sales?


What is meant by gross monthly salary?

Before deductions (tax etc.)

You earn an annual salary of 65700 as an engineer What is your monthly gross pay?


What is the average salary in the US in 1990?

Gross Monthly Average Income (2) - 11,698

Ali got job in a multinational company his monthly gross salary is Rsx His savings are Rs24y annuallyhow much salary he spends monthly?

he would spend about $5000 a week.

What is the gross pay for an annual salary of 45723 with a 4.5 percent commission on one sale of 900?

$45,763.50 4.5% commission on $900.00 = 0.045 x 900 = $40.50 William receives his commission of $40.50 PLUS his base pay of $45,723.00. = $40.50 + $45,723.00 = $45,763.50

What is a perfusionist salary who lives in Queens Nassau or Suffolk New York Also is the starting salary comparable to the average salary?

16 -18k gross monthly

Andy gross salary760 per week his salary is taxed at 16 percent whats is the net salary?


What is gross monthly salary?

a sum of money before any thing like taxes or insurances or pension funds are taken off, that is called ' gross salary" after all the deductions are taken off you have what is called "net salary" or take-home pay.

Gross salary in India?

gross salary=net salary+deduction

If you received an annual salary of 33500 paid monthly what would your gross pay be each pay period?


If you earn a straight commission of 20 percent and you have sales of 2700 one day what is your gross pay?

2700 X .20 = 540 gross

What does yearly gross salary mean?

what does salary gross mean

Average monthly salary in Sydney Australia?

55-60.000 AUS is a yearly average gross salary...according to monthly net disposable salary is around US$3,883.45or AU$ 4,288.38

What is the gross monthly income for a politician?

the gross monthly income for a politician is $6300

What is the monthly salary of AAO in LIC?

lic aao gross salary is approximately 30000 where his basic is 17250. 56.1% of D.A reacher to 9600.T.A is 800Rs.2800RS for food coupon which is given in the form of sodexo food coupon vouchers hence the gross salary reaches to 32000pm

In India What will be the gross salary of senior civil judges as per Justice e padmanabhan commission report?

above 60 thosand