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If all three tests are worth the same amount of the final grade,

then your average is 83.3 percent.

We hope it's not in Math.

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Q: What would your overall grade be if you got an 80 percent a 90 percent and a 80 percent?
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You got a 61 percent on your test and you had a 92 percent in the class the tests are worth 70 percent of your grade what would your new grade be?

it depends how many grades in the class you have.

What letter grade would be 38 percent out of 60 percent?

38% would be an F. If you got 38 out of 60 answers correct your grade would be 63% or letter grade D or F, depending on your grading scale.

What grade do you get if you got a 67 percent out of a 100 percent?


How would you grade a paper with 24 questions and you got 6 wrong?

75 percent or C plus

If I got a 95 out of 120 on a test what would my grade be?

79%.To find a grade in percent form, divide the top number (numerator) by the bottom number (denominator).

What grade is a 62 percent on an exam?

62 percent regardless of the overall of the test still means you only got a little over half the questions right if it was a 100 point test it would be 62 grade for 62 right points if it were say 150 you would have gotten 95 points correct its easier for them to show you a percent which is if you had 4 tests and 2 were 150 points and 2 100 all were 30 percent of you final grade would not be added totaled then div. by four like high school if all four were 2 62's and 2 95's your final percent/grade is still 62 which means 30 x .62 gives you 18.6% for your 30% you need of your final grade still your grade is going to be a D for that percentage.

Your exam is worth 70 percent you did an assessment worth the remander 30 percent and got 60 in it how much do you go into your exam with?

60% of 30 is 18 (0.6 x 30), so you go into the exam with 18 points. A perfect score on the exam would result in an overall grade of 83% (70 + 18).

What would your grade be if you got 17 out of 23 wrong?

-- Your score would be 26 percent.-- Your grade is really up to the teacher. But I can't imagine that any teacherwould give you anything better than ' F ', or say that you 'passed' the test, witha score of 26 percent.

What kind of student was Zac Efron?

In school, Efron has said that he would "flip out" if he got any grade less than an "A". He graduated with his class in 2006 with an overall GPA of 4.3. "I wasn't a genius like some of my friends who slacked off and got A's, but I was a hard worker. I always give 100 percent."

What is a 65 percent out of a 100 percent grade?

According to my grade calculator it is a D. If there are a 100 possible and you got 65 than means you missed 40% of the test.

If you have an 88.3 and you got a D plus which is worth 20 percent of your grade what would your grade be?

Lets say a D+ is approx. a 68. ((88.3*.8)+(68*.2))*100= 84.24%

What grade did you get if you got 60.5 out of 67?

60.5 out of 67 is a 90.3 percent. Normally, this is an A.