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Q: What year did Euclid open a school and start teaching?
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What is the motto of Open High School Sydney?

The motto of Open High School Sydney is 'Excellence in the teaching and learning of languages by distance education'.

Do you have any teaching positions open for teaching quickbooks?

No, I do not have any teaching positions open for teaching QuickBooks.

Where did Mother Teresa start her slum school?

In a open field

How do you start a school for interior decorating?

To start any school you need file papers with the state you are in, hire teachers, get space for the school, and get the school certified. Once you get all of this done you can open your school.

Why gurukul system is better than modern school?

GURUKUL give teaching Dharma,Maryada,Brahmcharya and respect but modern school education is just open .

Are construction school open year?

Yes, construction schools are open year round. I think that a lot of the classroom teaching goes on during the bad weather months.

When are traditional schools open even on summer break?

Traditional public schools are open for summer school on summer break. A week or two after the start of summer break and a week or two before the start of the school year, schools are often open for teachers and administrators.

What do you have to do to become a karate teacher?

Technically you can open a dojo without any qualifications at all. Some organizations have specific requirements of rank and time lines. Others simply require the permission of your sensei to start teaching or open a school. I was given permission to teach as a 3rd kyu. I know 3rd Dans that have not been given permission to teach yet.

What can a nurse with a business degree do?

There are many types of businesses nurses can open. One example of a business is starting a CNA school. CNAs are in big demand and CNA schools make a lot of money. Anyone can open the school but you must have a RN over the program, and LPN/RN teaching the classes.

Where did Henry the navigator open up his navigation school?

ca. 1450 Prince Henry the Navigator establishes a Naval observatory for the teaching of navigation, Astronomy, and cartography.

Most important profession open to women in 1900?


What philosopher had a method of teaching open ended questions?