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That depends on what they graduated from. There were many graduating classes

throughout our great land in 2001. The graduates that year from nursery, kindergarten,

elementary school, middle school, high school, community college, baccalaureate

programs, masters programs, medical schools, law schools, and dental schools,

were all born in different years.

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What is class of 2014?

The class of anything refers to the year of a graduating class. For example, if i were to graduate high school this year, I would be part of the class of 2010. In four years when I will be graduating college, so I will be the class of 2014. If you are a junior in high school, you are a part of the class of 2011 because you will be graduating next year.

What year is millenials?

The Millenials are considered to be born between 1982 to sometime in the late 90s. '82 because the children born in this year became the graduating class of 2000.

What was the year of Indiana University's first graduating class?

IU had its first graduation in 1830 with three graduates.

Was I born in the year of the dragon if I was born in 2001?

No.If you were born on the year 2001 then you would be born on the year of the snake.

What does class ring in jewelry mean?

A ring custom made to symbolize a high school/university graduating year.

If you entered college in 2007 and you're graduating 2011 then are you the Class of 2007 or 2011?

It is the year of your graduation, so it would be the college class of 2011. And chances are you are the Class of 2007 from High School.

What are slogans for the class of 2013?

Seniors come up with slogans for the year they are graduating. Some of the top slogans for the class of 2013 were "So fresh and so clean, we're the class of 2013", and "2013 Luckiest class ever".

If your born in 2001 then what year will you turn 12?

Add how old you will be (12) to the year you were born (2001) to get the year you will be that old (2013).

How do you find an old friend in East Timor when you forget her name?

Did you go to school together? Were you in the same class? If so, just try to find her by searching the class by the graduating year on Google.

What qualities should a junior queen possess and why?

they should be kind hearted and fun. this is because as the queen of your graduating year you have to have the people in your class like you.

What actors and actresses appeared in Club Class Girls of the Year - 2001?

The cast of Club Class Girls of the Year - 2001 includes: Kirsty Smith as Model Andrea Spinks as Model

When is Nick Jonas graduating?

He most likely will graduate in 2011. Sources: I am graduating in 2013, and most people in my grade were born in 1994, so that is a 19 year difference. Nick was born in 1992, 1992+19=2011 :)

Who was first in Robert E. Lee's graduating class?

Charles Mason graduated 1st in Robert E. Lee's graduating class of 1829. Mason became a successful engineer and attorney and was the 1st Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Iowa. In his Graduating year he achieved an over all score of 1995.5 point while Lee achieved and over all score of 1966.5 points.

What year did William Howard Taft go to high school?

Taft went to Woodward High School from 1870 to 1874, graduating second in his class.

What year was kyle born in from south park?

2001 was the year kyle was born

What year is Sasha Obama born in?

she born in 2001

What year was Jieun Nam born?

She was born in 2001.

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2010 or 2011, depending. I was born in 1992 and I`m graduating in 2011 because I started late.

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you were born in 2001 or 2000 if you born after today