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Jerry D. Maryman, James H., Van Tessle, Jack St.

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Q: What year was the handheld calculator invented?
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Who invented handheld computers?

Hewlett Packard introduced the first handheld scientific calculator in 1972 and that became the first ever handheld computer to be invented.

Who invented the first handheld calculator?

The Curta calculator was the first handheld calculator. It was invented during WW2 by a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp named Curta. The first model was intended as a gift for Hitler, but the war ended too soon Curta's were produced from about 1947 to 1976, when electronic handheld calculators killed Curta's market.

Who invented the first hand-held calculator in 1967?

In 1967, first handheld calculator invented by a Texas Instruments group lead by Jack Kilby, who in July of 1958, build an integrated chip

What year was the graphing caculator invented?

what year was the graphing calculator invented

Where was the first caclulator invented?

The oldest calculator, the abacus, was invented in ancient Egypt(unknown date). The first Mechanical calculator, known as the Calculating clock, was invented by Willhelm Schickard in 1623. The first electronic desktop calculator were announced by the Bell Punch Co, in Uxbridge England in 1961. Finally, the first handheld computer was invented in 1980.

What year was the calculator invented?

The first mechanical calculator was invented in 1623. In 1961, the fist electronic desktop calculators were made.

Why was the handheld calculator created?

To be more of a convenience for people.

What are the kinds of calculator?

Well an regular calculator a tip calculator for bills handheld calculators graphing calculators and plus calculators

What year calculator was invented?

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What year was Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator invented?

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When did Jack kelby invented the first integrate circuit?

It was Jack Kilby who invented the first integrated circuit in 1958. In 1967, Jack was a co-inventor of the first electronic handheld calculator in the world.

What did the calculator say to the other calculator?

The answer is "you can count on me." But of course, you do not "count" on a calculator: you calculate. You can count on your fingers, or on an abacus, or a handheld tally counter.

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