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2015 − 1994 = 21

Therefore, you would have been born in1994

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Q: What year were born if you are 21?
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What year were you born in if you are 21 in the year 2017?

1996 + 21 = 2017

What year would you have to be born in to be 21?

If you were 21 you would be born in 1987.

If I am 21 what year was I born?


What year should a person be born to be 21 years old?

The calculation would be Current Year - 21 = Birth Year. To be 21 today, you have to be born on or before today's date of that year. Example: Today is June 27, 2007. 2007 - 21 = 1986. You are at least 21 years old today if you were born on or before June 27, 1986.

What year would you be born in if you were 21 for 2013?

If you are 21 in 2013, then you were born in 1992.

What year would you be born in if you were 21?

2011 - 21 = 1990

You are 21 years old what year was born?

If you are 21 years old, you were born in 1990. (2011)

What year were you born if you turn 21 today?

Born June 25 1990 would make you 21 today.

What year do you have to be born in to be 21?


What year were you born on if you are 21?

Take 21 from the current year if you have had your birthday, if you have yet to have your birthday in the current year take away 22

If your 21 wha year were you born?

People turning 21 in 2018 were born in 1997.

What year was Princeton from MB born in?

Princeton's birthday is April 21 and the year they were born in was 1997.

What year where you born to be 21 today?


If im 21 what year were you born in?


If you were 21 today what year was you born?


What year would you be born if you were 21 in 1990?

You would be born in 1969.

If your were 21 what year would you be born in?

A person who was 21 in 2011 was born in 1990. An individual who turned 21 in 2012 was born in 1991, those who turned 21 in 2013 were born in 1992, and people celebrating their 21st birthday in 2014 were born in 1993.

Is David arculeta 21?

yes ! he is 21 this year. He was born on Dec 28th,1990

To be 21 you would have to be born in what year?

Calculated in 2010, the year of birth is 1989.

If you were 21 years old what year were you born?

In 2010 the year of birth is 1989.

In what year was romeo from aventura born?

My HUSBAND was born on June 21, 1981.

Born in 1987?

a 21 year old duuuuhhhh!!!!!!!

What year was Jordan macnevin the boxer born?

February 21, 1889.

If you are 21 today what year were you born?

Well, say its 2020, It is right now. But 2020-21=1999. And so on.

What year was Anabelle Langlois born?

She was born in 1981. Specifically, July 21, 1981.