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Q: What year were your born if you are 59 years old?
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How old would you be on your birthday this year if you were born in 1955?

I would be 59 years old.

What year were you born if you're 59 years old?

1954-1955. Depending on when you were born, early in the year or later.

What year was someone born if 59 years old in 2012?

-- A person who turns 59 on his birthday in 2012 was born in 1953. -- A person who was already 59 when 2012 began was born in 1952.

How old is Nina Hartley?

Nina Hartley is 59 years old (born Marie Louise Hartman, March 11, 1959).

When i was 2 years old my brother was half my age now I am 60 years old how old is my brother?

If your brother was 1 year old when you were 2 years old, then he is 1 year younger than you. That makes him 59 when you are 60.

How old is Jeanine Pirro?

Jeanine Pirro is 59 years old. She was born on June 2, 1951.

How old is a person born in 1951?

59 years old

Where was Hamid Karzai born?

59 years old

What year would you be if I'm 59 years old?


If you were born in 1950 how old are you?

59 years, assuming you were born in 1950 before December 19th.

How old would you be if you were born in 1955?

In 2014, you would turn 59 years old if you were born in 1955.

What is a person 50-59 years old called if an 80-89 year old is an octogenerian?


How old would you be today if you were born in march 1952?

You would be 59 years old

How old is Ginni Rometty?

Ginni Rometty is 59 years old. She was born on July 29, 1957.

How old are you if you are born on 8th October 1952?

As of October, someone born in October 1952 will be 59 years old.

What is rick flair's age?

Ric Flair was born on the date of february 25, 1949. Meaning he will be turning 59 years old as of the year 2008.

How old was William Duke of Normandy when he died?

He was 59 years old He was 59 years old

How old is a 10 year old cow in human years?

A cow that is 10 years of age is the equivalent of a 59 year old human. Most animals age rapidly this way.

How old is hamad bn khalifa althani?

he is 59 years old and he was born in January first

If you were born on September 8 1951 how old would you be?

As of April 2011, you will be 59 years old.

How old is someone born in June 1952?

As of November 2011, someone born in June 1952 will be 59 years old.

Who were Ruby Bridges' parents?

Ruby Bridges parents are Abon and Lucille Bridges. She was born in Tylertown, Mississippi, in the year 1954. She is currently 59 years old.

Is Bonnie Tyler alive?

yes she 59 years old born 1951

How old is Paula Hamilton?

Paula Hamilton is 59 years old. (born January 23, 1958)

How old is Cornelia Funke?

Cornelia Funke is 59 years old (born December 10, 1958).