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2012 - 14 = 1998

Answer. That someone who is 14 years old this year was born in 1998.

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Q: What year would someone be born if they were 14 years old?
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If someone was born on January 26 1959 how old would they be today?

If someone was born on January 26, 1959, they would be 55 years old this year.

How old is someone is born in 1950?

the person would be 61 years old to this year 2011

How old would someone be if they were born in 1973?

Assuming someone had already had their birthday, taking this year as 2010, they would be 37 years old. If they had not yet had their birthday, they would be 36 years old.

If someone is 93 years old what year were they born?

if i was 93 years old when was i born?

What year would it be if someone was 49 years old?

Someone was 49 years old in any year of your choice.

If someone is born in feburay 1976 how old are they?

they would be 34 years old, leap year not sure.

What year should someone be born in to be 20 years old?

In order to be 20 years old in 2012, someone must of been born in the year 1992.

What year would someone be born in if they are 32 in 2013?

Subtract 2013 - 32 = 1981. If they turn 32 years old in 2013, they were "zero years old" (i.e., born) in the year 1981.

If you were born in December 1984 how old would you be?

During the year 2010, someone born in December 1984 is 26 years old.

If you were born in 1964 how old would you be now?

Assuming the current year of 2010, someone born in 1964 who has had their birthday already this year would be 46 years old. If you have not had your birthday yet, you would be 45.

How old would you be if you were born in 1990?

2010 answer - It depends on when you birthday is, for example if you were ten you would be born in the year 1999 or 2000 so the answer is 19 or 20Assuming the current year of 2010, if someone had already celebrated their birthday, they would be 20 years old. If someone had not yet celebrated their birthday, they would be 19 years would be 20 years oldIf you were born in 1990 you would be 20 in 2010.20 years old (as of November, 2010)

What year was someone born if they are 54 years old?

Someone turning 54 in 2013 was born in 1959.

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