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Everything about math I know. Don't ask why, I myself do not know

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Q: When you heard mathematics, what is the first word that vomes in your mind Why?
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Well when i heard this question the first thing that came to mind was argue

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What is the difference between airthmetic and mathematics?

Well first of all it is arithmetic and secondly there is no difference arithmetic is just a cognitive word that was used in the olden days as simple addition and subtraction etc. but if you really want to compare the two, mathematics consists of a MUCH wider range than arithmetic so its safe to say arithmetic is mathematics but mathematics is not arithmetic MIND BLOWN.

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Should moral science be given equal importance as mathematics?

This is a matter of opinion, and as such is up to you. Do keep in mind however that you are comparing the foundation of a skyscraper, and the pinnacle. All science needs mathematics's, but at the same time mathematics that can't be applied in useful and meaningful ways is worthless.

What do the pens represent in the movie 'A Beautiful Mind'?

What it symbolizes is that Nash was accepted and recognized in the mathematics community for his accomplishments. However, the scene in the movie A Beautiful Mind (2001) in which Princeton University mathematics professors ritualistically present pens to Nash was completely fabricated in Hollywood. No such custom exists.

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Dreams are produced by the subconscious (unconscious) mind of the dreamer. Words spoken or heard in dreams are no more or less true than words spoken or heard while awake. The subconscious mind has no more access to "truth" than the conscious mind.

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Mind is rational decision making, built on human experience and reason. The mind dictates mathematics for example, though there are no actualities of pure mathematics. Heart is much more.. subjective. This refers to opinions which are often "gut feelings" about things, irrational thoughts and desires... From here stems compassion and many branches of ethical decision making.

What are the importance of further mathematics as a subject in the senior secondary school?

It helps to build the mind of students making it a powerful tool in life.

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J.-P Changeux has written: 'Conversations on mind, matter and mathematics'

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I Belive that you mind is playing tricks on you.

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Nothing that I've ever heard of. Do you think the person might have a speech impediment and pronounced MIND BLOWING incorrectly? Mind-blowing means something that is so awesome or horrific that you cannot comprehend it fully.

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Instruments used to study astronomical bodies?

Four very important instruments are the Human Mind, Mathematics, telescopes like the Hubble and Spectrum Analyzers.

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Play Xbox nah just kidding keep ur mind open and think about what ur doing

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