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Q: When I was 2 year old my younger sister is half of my age now that I am 50 how old is my sister?
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When you were 2 years old your sister was Half of your age now you are 100 years old how old is your sister?

If when you were 2 years old your sister was half of your age, you would have been 2 and she would have been 1. So she is one year younger than you. Thus now you are 100 she will be one year younger and aged 99.

Does justin bieber have a 16 year old sister?

Justin Bieber has two younger half-siblings on his father's side. Jazmyn, age 3, and Jaxon, age 2.

What are Miley Cyrus's sibilings name?

Brandi-Her older half sister Trace-Her older half brother Christopher-Her half brother (hes like her age, a little older) Braison-Her younger full brother Noah-Her younger full sister

Adult adoption Can a 58 year old female adopt a 38 year old female as a younger sister and how would it be done?

well after the age of 18 it is unlikely for them to be adopted even as a younger sister/brother. You could call her/him your younger sister/brother but it would not be official

Can elder brother call his younger brother and sister as siblings?

A sibling is any person who is either brother or sister to that person. Half siblings and step-siblings are the same, are the same, but half sibling is a half-brother or half sister, and a step sibling is a step brother or step sister. No matter what your age, any brother or sister is considered a sibling.

Does Alex Pettyfer have any siblings?

He has one half-brother called James Ireland, who is age 16/17. James is a budding tennis player, he recently competed in Young Wimbledonhe has one younger half brotherAlex Pettyfer has one younger half-brother from his mother's marriage.Yes. Alex Pettyfer has a younger half brother, James Ireland, and a younger sister, Mary Jane Pettyfer.

Who were Milton hersheys siblings?

he had a younger sister who died at age 4

Olan is 3yrs older than his sister roseone -half of olans age is thirteen years more than one- fourth his sister's age one year agofind their ages now?

olan is 54 his sister roseone is 51

How old is Synyster Gates' half sister McKenna?

Neither Synyster Gates or his father have stated the age of McKenna. However, it has been confirmed that she is younger than Synyster Gates.

What age is Aston merrygolds brother and sister?

Aston's younger sister Courtney is 15 and will be 16 in November and one of his younger brothers, Conor (he has 6 brothers) is 16.

Should an elder sister age 17 see her younger brother age 15 naked?


Younger boyfriend at the age of 17?

he is not younger but 1 year older.