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Divide the utility expense by the monthly budget. Multiply the result by 100.

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Q: When This is the monthly budget for the reed family. What percentage of expenses is spent on utilities?
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This is Paula's monthly budget What percent of her expenses is spent on insurance?

20Given Paula's monthly budget, the percentage of expenses spent on insurance can be determined by subtracting all the other expenses from the monthly budget, which leaves you with the anoint spent on insurance.

If you plan to spend 9 percent of your monthly income on medical expenses how much would you budget for a monthly income of 1550?

If you plan to spend 9 percent of your monthly income on medical expenses, you would budget $139.50 for a monthly income of $1550.

Is there a monthly budget calculator online?

There are great free monthly budget calculators online where you can figure out your monthly budget expenses. Simply go to any bank's official website, and on their page, you will find a free to use monthly budget calculator.

How to use a financial calculator online to budget monthly expenses?

Online financial calculators are a great way to plan out your monthly budget. There will be a section on income, where you enter all of the money coming into your account in a month. There will also be an expenses section where you enter all of your monthly outgoings. You can then calculate if there is a surplus or deficit on your monthly budget.

Limitation of budget?

A limitation of a budget is that they may not account for the fact that monthly expenses are not always the same. They may also fail to address unexpected expenses.

What is the best way to keep to a budget?

You should make sure that all of your planned monthly expenses do not exceed your monthly income.

What are the utilities in a family budget?

A family budget is made up of items that fall into these categories: Fixed expenses, variable expenses, periodic expenses and incidentals. Fixed expenses. These are predictable, recurring items that do not change in size, nor schedule. Examples are: monthly rent, cable bill, gym membership... Variable expenses: These are regular expenses that might fluctuate in the amount of the bill. These might include utilities like the electric bill, the gas bill, the water bill or expenses like gas for your car. Periodic expenses: Expenses like the yearly registration of your car(s) fall under this category. They occur regularly but not so frequently that they are always remembered in a monthly budget. Lastly, incidental expenses: This covers things like replacing a blown-out tire, printer ink, a birthday gift for a friend, an ipod... purchases that are more of a singular event than a recurring expense.

How do you find the average percent of your budgeting on housing utilities and etc. if you make 200 000 per year?

If your gross income is $200,000 per year, and you pay 33% in taxes, etc., that would leave a net income of $134,000 per year, or roughly $11,170 per month. Add up the last twelve months of utilities, mortgage, insurance, etc., then divide by twelve, since there are twelve months in a year, and this will give you the monthly average for your expenses. For example if the average of your monthly expenses is: * Mortgage $2,000 * Utilities $500 * Insurance $500 * Food $800 * Medical $200 * Car payments $400 * Clothing $500 * Miscellaneous $100 That would be a total of $5,000 in expenses per month, leaving an excess of $6,170 each month. Divide the total average monthly expenses by your net monthly income, which will give you approximately 45%. You then subtract .45 from 1.0 (or 45 from 100), which will give you .55 or 55%, which is the percentage of your net income used on your household budget. If you want the average based on your gross income of $200,000, then you do it the same way, by dividing the total average monthly expenses by your total monthly gross income.

How do you make a budget?

In making a budget, whether it be envelope budgeting or what have you, the initial step is to list of your fixed monthly expenses on paper or a spreadsheet. Pull your bank statements for the past year and review so you don't forget listing any expenses. Next you list your net monthly revenue, ie: net paycheck amount.. Then, you subtract monthly expenses from the revenue to determine your monthly cash flow.

What is the budget of California Public Utilities Commission?

The budget of California Public Utilities Commission is 1,400,000,000 dollars.

Leigh earns 134563 per month and budgets 22 percent of her income for utilities How much does she spend for utilities?

I will assume you left out the decimal point for the monthly salary. 1,345.63 x .22 = 296.0386 ~ $296.04 per month budget for utilities. Amount spend, depends on the bill, but $296.04 is the amount in the budget.

Paula created a monthly budget. A pie graph shows a clear picture of where her money is spent. How much of the circle would be shaded for the total of housing utilities food and insurance?

Paula created a monthly budget. A pie graph shows a clear picture of where her money is spent. How much of the circle would be shaded for the total of housing, utilities, food, and insurance?

What is the budget of South Dakota Public Utilities Commission?

The budget of South Dakota Public Utilities Commission is 4,141,534 dollars.

What is the budget of San Francisco Public Utilities Commission?

The budget of San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is 816.5 dollars.

What are 3 expenses other than the automobile payment?

Three main monthly expenses to keep track of: Rent Food budget Cable bill

What is the basic difference between recurrent budget and capital budget?

Recurrent budget is an ongoing budget or expenses that occur either monthly, quarterly or annually, and somewhat predictable e.g. electric bill, grocery, rentals; while developmental budget is non recurring budget that is not expected e.g. wedding, accident, hospitalization

Why is it difficult to budget for variable expenses?

It's dificult to budget for vaiable expenses because variable expenses change based on a number of factors.

What does a budget look like?

A budget is usually a set of money put aside that is a limit for weekly, monthly, or yearly spending. Most budgets include all necessary expenses and a small miscellaneous fund.

What two basic elements of a budget are income and expenses?

Actually, income and expenses are the two basic elements of a budget.

How do you make budget?

write down all your expenses and income. include a portion of your income for miscellaneous expenses. subtract your expenses from your income; if the answer is a positive number, then you have a budget surplus; if the number is 0, then your budget is in balance; if the number is negative, then you have a budget shortfall

What is a recurrent budget?

Recurrent budget is the day to day expenses

How to start a budget and keep it?

To start a budget you have to determine what your monthly income and expenses are. Paying those off and distributing the remaining balance of your funds for food and emergencies will balance out the rest of your budget. Staying within the guidelines is not always easy. Not going beyond what you set aside for each item on your budget will help you to stay within the budget.

Why are fixed and variable expenses important to your budget?

they are important because you have to pay fixed and they are accountable. variable expenses are important because they can change your budget.

What is the monthly budget of a pediatrician?

the monthly buget is shut up and fin the answer

How to calculate the Budget variance percentage?

how to calculate budget variance percentage?

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