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That is correct.

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Q: When a denominator is zero is the expression undefined?
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What can't you have in the denominator?

A zero. Zero in the denominator make the expression undefined for algebraic purposes.

A rational expression is undefined whenever its denominator is zero-?


How do you set the denominator equal to zero?

You do not. If you do, the expression is undefined: it has no value.

How do you determine the values for which a rational expression is undefined?

A rational expression is not defined whenever the denominator of the expression equals zero. These will be the roots or zeros of the denominator.

Is it true that a rational expression is undefined whenever it's denominator is zero?

Yes, it is true.

A rational expression is undefined whenever its denominator is zero?


Why is the denominator set to zero to graph a rational expression?

When the denominator is equal to zero, the expression is undefined. Close to those places, the expression tends towards plus infinity, or minus infinity. In other words, setting the denominator to zero will tell you where there are vertical asymptotes.

If a fraction in the denominator it is undefined IT HAS WHAT its denominate?

a value of zero in the denominator makes the fraction undefined

What is a fraction that is undefined?

A fraction such that the divisor (denominator) is zero is undefined. Such a division is expressed as x/0 where x is the dividend (numerator). In ordinary arithmetic, the expression has no meaning so division by zero is undefined.

If a fraction has - in the denominator it is undefined?

The answer depends on the part of the question that is missing.

If a fraction in the denominator it is undefined IT HAS WHAT?

If the denominator has a zero value.

What value of n makes the expression n plus 4 over n-3 undefined?


When is a racional expression undefined?

a rational expression is undefined when the denominator is 0 because we cannot dvide by 0.

If zero divided by zero is undefined then how is zero divided by a whole number is zero?

if there is 0 in the numerator it is zero regardless. But if it's zero in the denominator and zero in the numerator then it is undefined in all such cases where the denominator equals zero.

When is rational expression undefine or meaningless?

A rational number is any number that can be expressed as a fraction. It becomes meaningless or undefined when the lower number, the denominator, its 0 (zero)

What is an undefined quotient?

A quotient in which the numerator or denominator are undefined will be undefined. For example p/q is an undefined quotient until you know something about p and q. Also, if the denominator is zero, the division is undefined.

What is a ratio of 2 where the denominator equal zero?

If the denominator is 0 then the fraction is undefined.

When the denominator is zero in a rational function what is that called?


What makes a rational expression undefined?

a rational express ion undefined when the denominator is 0 because we cannot dvide by 0. For example, 9/x is undefine when x is 0 because we would be dividing by 0. Similarly 2/(7-x) is undefined for x=7 because we once again have a zero in the denominator. To find where a rational expression is undefined, set the denominator equal to 0 so if we have p/q where q is any number or expression, set and solve q=0 From, Doctor Huge Dick

When is a fraction undefined?

when the denominator is zero example: 5/0

Why do we set the denominator to zero to graph a rational function?

We set the denominator to zero to find the singularities: points where the graph is undefined.

When is an equation undefined in division?

One way is if the denominator becomes zero.

A rational expression is undefined whenever its numerator is zero?


What does an undefined slope look like?

Undefined slope is a vertical line along the horizontal point of origin., the slope would have a denominator of zero, which is undefined.

What is the difference between undefined slope and zero slope?

A line with an undefined slope is a vertical line. A line with a slope of zero is a horizontal line. If you use the formula for slope m = (y2-y1) divided by (x2-x1)... For an undefined slope you will get zero in the denominator, which you cannot have because you cannot divide by zero. For a slope equal to zero, you will get a zero in the numerator. Zero divided by any non-zero denominator, will give you a slope of zero.