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Q: When a number is multiplied by 7 and the product is 3 What is the number?
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What is the product of 1 and 7?

7. Any number multiplied by 1 is itself.

A number is multiplied by 3 if 7 is added to the product you get 1 what is the number?

Let the number be n.Then 3n + 7 = 1 : 3n = 1 - 7 = -6 : n = -6/3 = -2.Answer n = -2

What is a product of its prime factor?

It is when the prime factors of whole number are multiplied together that they equal that number. For example the prime factors of 21 are 3 and 7 so 3*7 = 21

What is 7 multiplied by the sum of a number and 3?


Which is the least number which when multiplied by 392 the product is the complete cube?


Why is the product of seven and four times a number multiplied by three?

You add 3 to 4 to get 7, therefore the numbers will always be a multiple of 3

What is the product of a negitave number and a positive number?

The product of two numbers is the two numbers multiplied together. When multiplying a positive number and a negative number, the answer is always negative. For example: 7*-3= -21

What number when added to itself gives the product 3 multiply 4 equals?


Is 30 multiplied by 7-3 the product of 27 and 7?

No. 30 x 7-3 = 120 27 x 7 = 189

A number is multiplied by 6 If 8 is subtracted from the product you get 34 What is the number?

the number is 7. 7x6=42-8=34

What number is 7 more than the product of 3?

"Product" is a binary operation. You cannot have a product of 3: it has to be the product of 3 and another number.

What number is that which being multiplied by 7 gives a product as much greater as the number itself is less than 20?