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Q: When a system of equations has one or more solutions it is called?
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How many solutions does an consistent and dependent system of equations have?

It has more than one solutions.

What are two or more equations called?

A system of equations.

In algebra what does it mean if a system is independent?

this means you have no more than 5 solutions in a system of equations.

How many solutions does the nonlinear system of equations graphed when the graph open up and down?

A system of equations means that there are more than one equations. The answer depends on the exact function(s).

What is two or more equations that contain two or more variables called?

A system of equations.

What is an Homotopy continuation Method?

A way to solve a system of equations by keeping track of the solutions of other systems of equations. See link for a more in depth answer.

What are two or more linear equations using the same variables called?

A system of linear equations.

What is the solution to a linear equation?

The solution to a system on linear equations in nunknown variables are ordered n-tuples such that their values satisfy each of the equations in the system. There need not be a solution or there can be more than one solutions.

What is Simultaneous Equations?

Simultaneous equation is nothing: it cannot exist.A system of simultaneous equations is a set of 2 or more equations with a number of variables. A solution to the system is a set of values for the variables such that when the variables are replaced by these values, each one of the equations is true.The equations may be linear or of any mathematical form. There may by none, one or more - including infinitely many - solutions to a system of simultaneous equations.

A system of equations of two or more parallel lines is called a what?


Why is it better to solve quadratic equations in the complex number system rather than in the real number system?

It is not always better.Although quadratic equations always have solutions in the complex system, complex solutions might not always make any sense. In such circumstances, sticking to the real number system makes more sense that trying to evaluate an impossible solution in the complex field.

What does it means if there are an infinite number of solutions to a system of equations?

In simple terms all that it means that there are more solutions than you can count!If the equations are all linear, some possibilities are given below (some are equivalent statements):there are fewer equations than variablesthe matrix of coefficients is singularthe matrix of coefficients cannot be invertedone of the equations is a linear combination of the others