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it will equal whatever number you multiplied it by

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Q: When a whole number is multiplied by a fraction equal to one what will happen to it?
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What will happen to a whole number when multiplied by a fraction equal to 1?

In that case, the product will be the same as the original number.

Explain why dividing any fraction by 1 equals the fraction?

Because, 1 multiplied by a number or fraction will equal the same thing, that's what also happens with dividing by 1. I hope I helped!

What will happen if you divide a fraction?

If you divide the fraction by a number greater than 1 then you will have a smaller fraction.If you divide the fraction by a number equal to 1 then you will have the same fraction.If you divide the fraction by a positive number smaller than 1 then you will have a greater fraction.

What is a number when its multiplied by its reciprocal?

It is then is equal to 1

How do you find a common denominator of a fractions?

you multipy the smaller denomnater to equal the other fraction and multipy the numarter by the same number as the denomneter got multiplied by

What number should the fraction 78 be multiplied by in order to equal 1?

If you mean 7/8 then 7/8 times 8/7 = 1

Is 20 a factor of 24?

No. A "factor" is an integer by which the number is evenly divisible. There is no whole integer that can be multiplied by 20 to equal 24 (only a fraction or decimal).

What does 6 percent equal to?

6% is equal to 6/100. That fraction can be reduced to 3/50. The fraction can also be multiplied to greater numbers, such as 18/300.

How can complex fractions be multiplied?

complex fractions can be multiplied when you have two fractions multiplied and equal a whole number.

What number multiplied by it self is equal to 242?


Which number multiplied by itself equal to 108?


What is the reiprocal of 4?

The reciprocal of a number is the number that when multiplied by the original number equals one. 4 is equal to the improper fraction 4/1. So the reciprocal of 4/1 would be 1/4.

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