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That doesnt make sence! :/

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Q: When a women say never after an 8 year relationship an shes dating 5 months later an you have a child?
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What does LTR mean on a dating site?

LTR= Later, as in "See you Later!" Actually in the context of a dating site, LTR mean Long-Term Relationship, as in Long-Term Relationship Dating site

Say you were in a relationship that lasted for one year When do you start dating again Like 4 weeks later 3 months later?

well to be honest it depends on how fast your prepared to move on but most people wait around 1-2 months

What happens after a woman conceives?

A child begins to grow inside of her. If everything works correctly than the child is born several months later (approximately 9 months after conceiving.)

What do you do when someone you have been dating for 6 months ignores you and says he doesn't like it when you?


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Why do guys ask you out then cheat on you 4 months later?

You're meeting guys that want fun instead of a relationship.

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How do you have a child in Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility?

you get married, two months later the female of the group will feel ill (but as a fact she is actually pregnant) then two months after that she will have a baby.

Can you be a lesbian if you have a child from a previous heterosexual relationship?

Yes, some people do not even realize they are homosexual until later in life.

How to tell your boyfriend to stop treating you like a child I'm 18 He's 37?

Come right out tell him. I started dating someone when I was 18 and he was 37. He ended up treating me like a child. Remind him that you are equal and do not have a father daughter relationship. We are still going strong 35 years later but you have to communicate with one another.

Why wont he love you after eleven years and a child later?

People's needs and desires change as time goes by. He may still love you but not be in love with you. His needs may have changed and the relationship he was in don't fit he needs And a child? A child will not keep someone in a relationship, if that person wishes to be somewhere else.

How to start dating?

you need to start flirting. then you can get to the point to dating later.

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what happened to Sacajawea when she was ten years old

How do you know that the sperm has reach the egg during ovulation?

A positive pregnancy test, or you will deliver a child approx 9 months later!

Can you get pregnant two months later?

Two months later than what? Two months after sex - no. Two months after abortion - yes Two months after giving birth - maybe

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How many children did William Shakespeare have with his wife in November 1582?

None. He was married in November and his first child was born six months later.

How many months behind in child support can you be before your rights are taken away?

none as they are separate issues and most child support arrears are on men who learned years later that they were a father, when ordered to pay back to the birth of the child.

When is Jesus birth?

Jesus mother Mary met Elizabeth at the well at sunrise . Elizabeth mother of John was six months with child. Mary just conceived through the Holy Spirit December 25th , John was born three months later and Jesus was born 9 months later on September 29. This is with Hebrew Scripture.

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yes, they are neighbors, good friends and Frankie and Noah play well together... kevin is just miley friend and joe and miley were dating for 3 years and 6 months but then break-up then miley staring dating nick then break-up about few months later that did happen!

How many children did William Shakespeare have with his wife in 1582?

William Shakespeare was married in November 1582 and his first child was born six months later.

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Of course, if your grandparents (or one of your grandparents) had a child later in life, after their child(your parent) had a child (you). But it is unlikely you would have a typical aunt-nephew/niece relationship, which is based largely on the elder offering wise advice and support.

Your boyfriend was cheating so you threw him out now 7 months later he is going to your friends telling them his life is a reck without you why any of this?

Maybe he's learned his lesson, but from my experience, he's probably just trying to sucker you into dating him again, but the fact is he'll more than likely cheat on you again if he gets an opportunity. There will always be trust issues in your relationship because of him which means your relationship will never be the same anyway.