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Yes, because otherwise addition and subtraction are not defined.

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Q: When adding or subtracting matrices do the dimensions of the sum or differences always match the original matrices?
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What is the result of subtracting two numbers?

a number lower than the original number

Why do square matrices only have multiplicative inverses?

there are pseudo inverses for non-square matrices a square matrix has an inverse only if the original matrix has full rank which implies that no vector is annihilated by the matrix as a multiplicative operator

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When a vector is multiplied by a scalar physical quantitythen what will be dimensions of resulting vector?

The same as the original vector. The scalar will change the numbers, but not the dimensions.

What sequence is formed by subtracting each term of a sequence from the next term?

It is the sequence of first differences. If these are all the same (but not 0), then the original sequence is a linear arithmetic sequence. That is, a sequence whose nth term is of the form t(n) = an + b

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A graphic artist thinks he can add the matrices below using mental math. Which statement explains why he could be correct?

adding the additive identity matrix does not change the original matrix

What is the raven standard progressive matrices?

Raven Standard Progressive Matrices: These were the original form of the matrices, first published in 1938. The booklet comprises five sets (A to E) of 12 items each (e.g., A1 through A12), with items within a set becoming increasingly difficult, requiring ever greater cognitive capacity to encode and analyze information. All items are presented in black ink on a white background

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it means multiplying the original number by two and then subtracting two, like if your original number was 10, 10 times two equals 20 minus 4 equals 16.

What sequence is formed from difference of differences between terms of a sequence?

These are called the second differences. If they are all the same (non-zero) then the original sequence is a quadratic.

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Write a program to add two 3x3 matrices in java?

Presumably, both the original matrices and the result matrix would be stored in 2-dimensional arrays; to do the actual addition, write two "for" loops, one for each row, and one for each column. Inside the inner "for" loop, just add the corresponding elements and place the result in the result matrix.

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