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You keep them the same if they have different bases

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Q: When adding polynomials what do you do to the exponents?
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Do all polynomials have exponents?


What are the operation of polynomials?

Adding and subtracting polynomials is simply the adding and subtracting of their like terms.

When you add polynomials what do you do with your exponents?

Nothing. The exponents are not affected when added polynomials. However, they play a role in which variables add or subtract another variable. For example. (3x^2+5x-6)+(4x^2-3x+4) The exponents would determine that when adding these polynomials that 3x^2 would be added to 4x^2 and so forth 5x-3x and finally -6 would be added to 4. With a final conclusion of (7x^2+2x-2)

Polynomials are written with the exponents of the terms in order?


Polynomials are written with the exponents of the terms in what type of order?

descending form

When you multiply polynomials what do you do with the exponents?

Add them up providing that the bases are the same.

Why do you think the definition for polynomials is so restrictive?

The definition for polynomials is very restrictive. This is because it will give more information. It excludes radicals, negative exponents, and fractional exponents. When these are included, the expression becomes rational and not polynomial.

How is adding polynomials like adding integers?

The numbers can have a positive or negative sign.

What are the rules adding and subtracting exponents?

When multiplying something with exponents, you add it. When dividing something with exponents, you subtract it.

When adding numbers with exponents do you add or subtract the exponents?

you do not do anything when you add numbers with exponents. you just figure out the answer. it is only if you multiply numbers with exponents, where you add the exponents..

When adding numbers with fraction exponents do you add the exponents?

Fractional exponents follow the same rules as integral exponents. Integral exponents are numbers raised to an integer power.

What are the steps in adding polynomials?

== 45x2+56b== == ---- ---- + 34x+23x+56x