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They are complements when they add to 90 degrees, making a right angle.

For example 60 degrees and 30 degrees, or 23 degrees and 67 degrees.

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Q: When are two angles called complements of one another?
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What are angles that are opposite from one another made by intersecting lines and have equal measures?

I assume you are asking what such angles are called. The answer is, vertical angles.

What are opposing angles called?

In geometry and mathematics, opposing angles are called verticals. They share the same vertex, but they still are vertically opposite of one another.

What is the difference between the terms compliments and complements?

The word "complements" refers to the suitability of one thing with another. "Compliments", however, are positive comments made by one person to another, usually concerning someones clothes or cooking.

What is it called if two goods are complements?

A decrease in the price of one will increase the demand for the other.

What is an Economic Definition of Complements?

products that increase the value of other products / products related in such a way that an increase in the price of one reduces the demand for bolth (found in economics principles & practices from the Texas edition book)

What are angles opposite one another at the intersection of two lines?

They are said to be perpendicular. Or, if you wanted an example of a pair of such lines, one example is a plus sign.

What is an alternate interior angle?

Two lines are crossed by one another line called the transversal. The pairs of angles on opposite sides of the transversal but inside the two lines are called alternative interior angles.

How price of related goods affect demand?

Price of related goods fall into two categories: substitutes and complements. Complements are when a price decrease in one good increases the demand of another good. Substitutes are when a price decrease in one good decreases the demand for another good.

Two disjoint events in which one or the other must occur are called?

Complements or complementary events

What angles have opposite one another intersection of two lines?

Adjacent angles

What does adjacent angles?

Next to one another

Angles that are directly across from one another?

Vertically opposite angles!