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Basically it depends on the challis load bearing capacity on scaffolding, normally up to 300mm ht. can be stacked.

2010-09-27 10:45:57
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How is a ziggurat built?

With sun-dried mud bricks stacked on top of each other.

Why are some bricks not stacked on top of each other?

i am very cool and i love hockey lora223 says= its because its not as stable if it is stacked directly on top of eachother

What were ancient Phoenician houses like?

There houses were made of bricks and stacked together (2 stories).

How high can a scaffolding can go?

it depends on how big they built it to go...

Where high alumina bricks are used?

High Alumina bricks are used for non-ferrous Industry.

A brick wall is 10 bricks high the bricks are 25 cm long 10 cm wide10 cm high abulider is putting a layer of cement 2 cm deep between each eow of bricks How high will the wall be when finished?

10 bricks high!!!

A billion pennies stacked on top of each other how high would it be?

A billion pennies stacked on top of each other would be 963.13 miles high

If the Jones twins can build a wall five bricks long and five bricks high in one minute how long will it take them to build a wall ten bricks high and ten bricks long?

2 minutes!

How cells and organisms are similar to bricks and buildings?

Cells are similar to bricks because they are the simplest form of a bigger thing (building) and both cells and bricks are stacked upon each other and function to one primary job such as keeping the body together or supporting a building

How did pueblo make adobe houses?

They stacked sun dried mud bricks on top of each other. Poof. You now know the answer.

What are houses in Malawi made from?

Mainly brick, which the people make themselves from the clay. The houses are reddish in colour because of the bricks they use. It is common to see these houses and piles of the bricks that they make are often stacked outside.

What is the top of the scaffolding on Big Nate island?

The school is being repaired and there are bricks on the wooden platforms to the right of the school. Climb up the scaffolds to find the comic piece.

What are scaffolding proteins?

show what a scaffolding protein is

How high is 1 trillion dollars stacked on top of each other?

Very high .

What happens to the grocer who stacked all the liquid detergents on a high shelf?

There is no information on who the person was that stacked the liquid detergent in that classic commercial.

What are the duties of scaffolding supervisor?

scaffolding foreman mean

What is the game called that is a tower of oblong bricks and they are stacked in rows of three on top of each other and alternate they way they are facing each level?


What is scaffolding training?

Scaffolding training teaches you all about the scaffolding that hangs on buildings. Since you will spending quite a bit of time on scaffolding, you need the class in order to be safe on it.

How many scaffolding pipes are required to construct 1000 cubic meters of scaffolding?

It depends on the lengths of the scaffolding pipes.

What were Adobe houses made of?

Adobe houses were made of straw and mud. The two materials were mixed together and dried to form a brick. The adobe bricks were then stacked to make walls. Gaps between bricks were filled in with mud to keep out pests and the weather.

What connects bricks and blocks together with?

metal brick ties cemented every 5-10 bricks high

How many bricks in a 12 ft by 8 ft wall 5 ft high?

It depends on the size of the bricks.

Will scaffolding on your roof attract lightning?

Metal scaffolding can certainly do so.

Who wrote poem scaffolding?

Seamus Heaney wrote the poem "Scaffolding".

Why do the Iroquois build houses made of wood and bark while the Puebla used clay bricks?

The Iroquois were in a northeastern forest landscape and clay bricks wouldn't have served them very well. The Pueblo were in a hot dry desert with no trees. They could make the bricks out of mud, water and once dried they could be stacked and used in buildings.