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That depends on why you need the square footage. For building permits, tax assessments, etc. it is the outside; for floor covering of course the inside...

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Q: When calculating square footage for new structure do you calculate from inside wall to inside wall or from the outside perimeter to outside?
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What is the formula for figuring square footage?

The formula for calculating square footage is a=S2 (a = area and s = side) Example, to calculate the square footage of a room that is 15 feet wide and 12 long, you would multiply 15 x 12, which will give you the square footage.

If a home is 2000 square feet how many linear feet is the perimeter of the home?

There's no way to calculate that just from square footage.

What all can a person calculate by using a square footage calculator?

One thing that can be calculated using a Square Footage Calculator is the Length and Width of a Rectangle, Circle, Square or Triangle. This comes in handy for calculating room sizes.

How calculate squate footage?


Calculating sod requirements for new lawn?

Take your square footage and divide by 9.

Can you calculate square footage by the perimeter?

You should be able to. Just take the length x the width = square footage. It's not an accurate reflection of what your actual living area is but, that it how it is calculated for appraisal and loan purposes in the U.S. ========== This is incorrect. If your perimeter is 120 it could be made up of many combinations of sides. Say for example 30x30 so the sq ft of that is 900. It could be also 20x40 which has an sq ft. of 800.

How do you calculate square footage of a pipe?

To calculate square footage of a pipe you need to use the area formula of a circle, a=1/2bh. then find the circumference of the entire pipe.

How do you calculate square footage to square inches?

Multiply by 144.

How do interior designers use math?

the way they use math is buy calculating square yardage for carpeting; square footage for painting and wallpaper. Dimensions of rooms to fit the furniture; Lay out floor plans and traffic patterns; calculate size for window coverings .

How to determine square footage?

In order to calculate the square footage you need to find the length and the width of the room in feet. You multiply the length and the width to give you the square footage of the room

How do you calculate a lot size?

Multiply the length by the width to get square footage.

How do you calculate the square footage of a room?

To calculate square footage, you multiply the length by the width of the room. So, if the room measures 10 ft. by 18 ft., your total area is 180 sq. ft.