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Q: When can a quadrilateral also be called a parallelogram?
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What can a rectangle can be also called?

A quadrilateral

What can a parallelogram be called in shape?

A parallelogram is a 4 sided quadrilateral.

Sides of a quadrilateral is parallel and congruent then the quadrilateral is a parallelogram?

The key is the object is quadrilateral with parallel sides. It is a parallelogram. It is also a rhombus.

What is a name for a parallelogram besides quadrangle?

A parallelogram is also a quadrilateral.

What are all the names a parallelogram can be called?

A parallelogram is a 4 sided quadrilateral.

Quadrilateral abcd is a parallelogram in which angle a equals 40 degrees quadrilateral abcd could also be called a?

none of these answers are correct

What kind of quadrilateral is a rectangle?

A rectangle is a type of quadrilateral, and it also is a parallelogram.

A quadrilateral with both pair of opposite sides parallel is called a what?


How many sides does a paralelogram have?

a parallelogram has 4 sides, it can also be called a quadrilateral.

Why is a parallelogram always a quadrilateral but a quadrilateral is only sometimes a parallelogram?

A parallelogram must have 4 sides and so it must be a quadrilateral. However, the sides of a quadrilateral need not be parallel so a quadrilateral need not be a parallelogram.

Is a quadrilateral also a parallelogram?

It may be. A quadrilateral has four sides, but they need not be all the same length, nor parallel to each other. It's true that a parallelogram *is* a quadrilateral.

What is a quadrilateral with oppostite sides that are congruent and parallel called?

That is called a parallelogram. Parallelogram includes squares, rectangles, and rhomboids.