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Q: When comparing bite marks what are three points of comparison mentioned?
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How many clan ranks are there in Final Fantasy 12?

Moppet - 0 Marks, 0 Points Hedge Knight - 2 Marks, 700 Points Rear Guard - 4 Marks, 8000 Points Vanguard - 8 Marks, 20000 Points Headhunter - 10 Marks, 30000 Points Ward of Justice - 12 Marks, 40000 Points Brave Companion - 14 Marks, 100000 Points Riskbreaker - 16 Marks, 200000 Points Paragon of Justice - 24 Marks, 250000 Points High Guardian - 28 Marks, 300000 Points Knight of the Round - 32 Marks, 500000 Points Order of Ambrosia - 45 Marks, 1000000 Points, Sky Pirates Den complete so there are 12 "fittingly since it is ff 12"

Why do you have hegemony in education?

Standerized education makes it easier to compare one's level of education as all students' marks are compared to one criteria as opposed to comparing the students' marks and comparing their criteria at the same time, its just simplicity.

What are striations how are they produced and how are they useful for comparing bullets?

When a bullet is pushed through a rifled barrel, the rifling (lines cut into the inside of the barrel in a spiral) makes scratch marks on the bullet. No two guns make the exact same scratches. It is possible to examine the scratch marks, on two bullets and see if they could have been fired from the same gun. This uses a device called a comparison microscope.

What do you call periods exclamation points and question marks?

punctuation learn grammer

Conversion of marks in to cgpa?

In order to convert marks or points into the cumulative grade point average (CGPA), add up the number of points for each class. Then divide by the number of hours of the classes.

What special marks are used to show segments are congruent?

They are arrow points and double arrow points

In a 20 question test how many points are for each question?

5 points, if all questions are being given equal marks.

What do you use at the end of a sentence?

punctuationlike...periods .commas ,question marks ?exlamation points !

Periods questions marks and exclamations points are all types of?

They are all types of punctuation.

How many points do you get on Mathematics if you get 100 percent in a test?

the maximum marks alloted for the test.

What do the question marks mean for the attack points and the defence points on a Yu-Gi-Oh card?

It means its attack points mean the effect.If that is hard to understand,read the effect to see.

What do the points mean on your GCSE results?

They mean how many marks you got on the exam paper, overall.