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As you are multiplying by 1000, move the decimal point three digits to the right (inserting zeros as necessary).

The kilo- prefix means 1000.

Thus 1 km = 1000 m.

So to convert from km to m, multiply by 1000.

When multiplying by a power of 10, move the decimal point the same number of digits as zeros in the power to the right. 1000 has three zeros, so move the decimal point three digits to the right (inserting zeros if necessarily).

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Q: When converting from kilometers to meters where to move the decimal?
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When converting to kilometers to meters where is the decimal moved to?

move to the left

When converting from decimal to meters which way does the decimal move?


Do you move your decimal to the right or the left if you are converting nineteen centimeters to meters?

move the decimal to the left

How do you convert 1.2 meters into kilometers?

Converting Meters to KilometersSince 1 meter equals .001 kilometer, to convert 1.2 meters to kilometers, move the decimal point to the left three places. The answer is .0012 kilometers.

How far do you move the decimal from kilometers to meters?

3 places to the right

How many decimal spaces do you move to convert meters to kilometers?


How many centimeters are in 0.18 meters?

0.18 meters =18 cm. when converting from meters to centimeters, you move the decimal point two spaces to the right.

How many meters is 9758 mm?

9758.0 mm =9.758 meters. when converting from milimeters to meters, you move the decimal point three spaces to the left.

How do you convert 4 meters to kilometers?

Since there are 1000 meters in a kilometer, to turn meters into kilometers you need to move the decimal place three places to the left (1 meter= .001 kilometers). 4m=0.004km

When writing a percent as a decimal why do you move the decimal point?

When converting a percent to a decimal you don't necessarily move the decimal point. It has nothing to do with it.

What is the equivalent distance of 100 meters in kilometers?

Move the decimal three places. 100m=0.100 km

How do you convert 3700 kilometers to meters?

1km = 1000m do move the decimal point 3 places to the left

How far and what direction does the decimal move from meters to centimeters?

to move meters to centimeters you have to move the decimal to the right 2 times

What is the conversion from meters to kilometers?

A kilometer is equal to 1000 meters, so a meter is 1/1000th of a kilometer. To change meters to kilometers, divide by 1000 (move the decimal three places left).

What is 28.6 percent as a decimal?

28.6% is 0.286 as a decimal.Tip: Move the decimal point twice to the left when converting into decimal; move the decimal point twice to the right when converting into percentage.

How much is 4725m in kilometers?

The prefix "kilo" means 1000, so to convert meters to kilometers you just divide by 1000 (or move the decimal point to the left three spaces). 4725 meters = 4.725 kilometers

18352 meters equals how many kilometers?

Move the decimal which is after the 2 over 3 times to the left. So your answer is 18.352

How do you convert to kilometers to meters?

Move the decimal three times to the right. You can also multiply the number by 1000.

How many kilometers are in 10000000000 meters?

Move the decimal point three places to the left to go from meters to kilometer, or you can divide by 1000 since there are 1000 meters in 1 kilometer. 10,000,000.

What is 5725 feet turned into kilometers?

5725 feet converted into kilometers is 1.74498 km. To convert feet to meters you multiply the number by 0.03048. That gives the answer 1744.98. Then, since meters is 3 decimal points away from kilometers (meters-1.decameters, 2.hectameters, 3.kilometers), you move the decimal point over 3 places, to get the answer 1.74498 or 1.745.

When converting a decimal to a percent how do you move the decimal?

Two spaces to the right. 0.75 = 75%

What is 90 percent in decimal form?

In decimal form, 90% is .90. This is because when converting a decimal into a percent, you move the decimal point 2 places to the right, which is the same as multiplying that decimal by 100. You multiply it by 100 because you are converting that decimal into a fraction that will represent a percentage of a full 100%.

If you change meters to centimeters what direction do you move the decimal?

You move it to the right.

12 cm converted to m?

Since there are 100 cm in 1 m, you must divide 12 by 100. This gives you 12/100, which can be reduced to 3/25, or 0.12 in decimal form. Whenever you are converting in metric units, you only have to move the decimal based on the different measurements. In this case, a meter is 100 centimeters, so the decimal is moved two places over. Which direction you move it depends on which way you are converting. Converting from a smaller size to a bigger one requires you to move the decimal to the left, and converting from a larger size to a smaller one requires you to move the decimal to the right, adding zeroes as necessary.

To change from centimeters to meters how do you move the decimal?

A centimeter is a one hundredth of a meter. To easily convert centimeters to meters simply move the decimal to the left two times.

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