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4/52 x 3/51 x 2/50

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Q: When dealing three cards from 52 cards what is the probablity that they will all be jacks?
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How many poker hands can be made that are all face cards?

If you mean all the cards have to be face cards, then it would be a four of a kind, full house, three of a kind, and two pair. For example: Four of a kind, four Jacks and a Queen. Full house, Kings over Queens. Three of a kind, three Jacks, a Queen, and a King. Two pair, a pair of Kings, a pair of Jacks, and a Queen. If you mean how many different combinations can be made using only only face cards, there are 95040 possible hands.

How many black jacks in a standard deck of 52 cards?

There are two black jacks in each deck of cards. There is a jack of spades and a jack of clubs. Each deck of cards has two suits that are black, spades and clubs. Each deck also has three face cards (cards that depict a person), jack, queen and king, for each suit. Therefore, there are two black jacks (jack of a black suit) in each deck of 52 cards.

What is the probability of dealing an ace king and queen in that order when dealing only three cards?

Assuming you mean from a standard 52-card deck of four suits, there is a 4/52 chance of first dealing an ace, a 4/51 chance of secondly dealing a king and a 4/50 chance of dealing a queen. Together, these mean there is a 64/132600, or 8/16575 or 0.04826546% chance of dealing the desired cards in order.

If someone has three jacks and two sixes does it beat someone with three sixes with two jacks in Texas hold em?

3 jacks and two 6s is better then 3 6s and 2 jacks :)

How many cards are not diamond face card in a 52 deck?

Well there are 12 face cards (4- jacks, 4-queens, 4-kings) so there are 40 non-face cards.

What is the probability of drawing two jacks and 3 tens of any suite from a standard deck of cards?

The probability of drawing two jacks and three tens of any suite from a standard deck of cards is: 5C2 ∙ (4/52)∙(3/51)∙(4/50)∙(3/49)∙(2/48) = 0.00000923446... ≈ 0.0009234% where 5C2 = 5!/[(5-2)!∙(2!)] = 10

What is the probability of drawing either three red cards or three face cards if you choose three?

Red cards will be a 1/3 chance to pick out of three cards .

What is the probability of picking a jack or a black three in one pick from a deck of cards?

Well there are six possibilities, the four jacks and the two black threes. This gives us a fraction of 6/52 which is a percentage of 11.54%

Does three kings and two jacks beat three aces and two eights in five card poker?


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