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16th April 1995

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Q: When did 0121 replace 021?
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What is 0121?

0121 = 121

Where in the UK is area code 0121 424?

0121 is the dialling code for Birmingham and surrounding areas. It is +44 121 in international format. A number beginning with 0121 424 could be located anywhere in the greater Birmingham 0121 area; that prefix is not specific to any district or town.

What place in England has the area code 0121-421-6906?

The area code 0121 is in Birmingham.

Where does this telephone code cover 0121?

0121 serves the Birmingham, England area for telephone networks.

Where in the UK is area code 0121 213?

UK telephone area code 0121 is greater Birmingham. For a number beginning with 0121 213, it is not possible to narrow down the location any further.

Area for 0121 797 0003?

Assuming that is a UK phone number - 0121 is the area code for the City of Birmingham.

Where in the UK is area code 0121 602?

UK area code 0121 is Birmingham and surrounding areas. The 0121 602 prefix is primarily for the Halesowen area, West Midlands, west of Birmingham. The full number should be written (0121) xxx xxxx or as +44 121 xxx xxxx.

What telephone area 0121 247?

0121 signifies a number in Birmingham. However - the area code 247 isn't listed.

What is the present telephone area code in Uk which was formerly area code 217?

Until the early 1990's, area code +44 21 (or 021 within the UK) was Birmingham, which is now area code +44 121 (or 0121 within the UK). There has never been an area code +44 217 (or 0217) in the UK.

What Eminem's number?

0121 do 1

What is david witts number?


Where is area code 021 from?

There are several different countries with area code 021.

What is Australia's St George Bank Routing Number?

021 000 021

What is the routing number for Coast Capital Savings Credit Union?


What area in England is 0121 667?


Electrical conductivity of aluminum?

0121 do1

What is the post code for the Paralympics?

0121 do one

Where is bt area code 0121380?

0121 is Birmingham

Where in UK is 0121 649?

Area code 0121649

Where is 01217360034?

0121 - indicates a number from Birningham, England.

What is demi's cell number?


What is jacksons number in wireless quest?

The answer is 555-0121

What is the code for basket of eggs on project catastrophe?


Will the Stihl 021 chainsaw operate an 18 inch bar and chain?

Not satisfactorily. The 021 is a lightweight saw.

Is .021 less than .01?

No because .021 is greater than .01