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Angles were known before trigonometry. Trigonometry was the study of angles and their relationship to shapes.

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Q: When did angles first become known in trigonometry?
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Who is known as the father of trigonometry?

Hipparchus is the father of trigonometry and he was a Greek astronomer who lived between 190-120 B.C. He is considered as the father of trigonometry, a branch of mathematics which studies the angles of sides of triangles. :)

Mathematicians in the field of trigonometry?

Some historic mathematicians that have contributed to the branch of mathematics known as trigonometry are: Hipparchus, Gemma Frisius, Leonhard Euler, Brook Taylor. Trigonometry is the study of lengths and angles within triangles.

What is used to solve a triangle when the measure of two angles and the measure of any side are known?

Trigonometry is used depending on what the problem is.

What is the contribution of batholomaeus pitiscus in trigonometry?

Bartholomaeus Pitiscus is best known for his book called Trigonometria which was first published in Heidelburg in 1595. It consists of work on plane and spherical trigonometry. The book had the first recorded mention of the word "trigonometry".

What are the other possible angles and third side of a triangle when angle 50 degrees is facing side 25cm which has another side of 30cm?

The given question is known as an 'ambiguous case' in trigonometry and by using the sine and cosine rules in trigonometry its other angles are 66.82 degrees and 63.18 degrees with a 3rd side of 29.13cm or its other angles are 16.82 degrees and 113.18 degrees with a 3rd side of 9.44cm.

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Where was trigonometry first thought to be used?

Trigonometry was first used by the ancient Babylonians and Egyptians. Babylonians used it primarily in their astronomical calculations and there is some debate over whether this was actually trigonometry or some other form of calculation. However, the Egyptians did use a primitive form of trigonometry while building the pyramids. A scribe known as Ahmes actually performed a trigonometric solution in his "The Rhind Mathematical Papyrus"

What was Hipparchus best known for?

Hipparchus was best known for many things. One of them, he invented trigonometry.

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How do you find the angle of triangle if all 3 sides is known?

Use trigonometry

What area of mathematics is James Gregory famous for?

He is known for his significant advances in trigonometry.

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