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I hardly think the actual inventor of the number zero is known - it was a long time ago, and the exact details are unknown.

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Q: When did bhaskaracharya invent the number 0?
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What did bhaskaracharya invent?

Bhaskaracharya invented the number 0

Did India invent the number 0?

India did not invent the number 0. The number 0 is invented by the people who invented the rest of numbers

Did the aztecs invent the number 0?


Who is known as Euclid of India?

bhaskar achaya

When was Bhaskaracharya Tripathi born?

Bhaskaracharya Tripathi was born on 1942-07-01.

Did the Indians invent the number 0?

yes i believe the aztec did.

Did Greeks and Romans have symbols for 0?

No, the the Greeks did not invent the number zero. The Mayans were the ones to create the number zero.

What was the first culture to invent the zero?

The Babylonians first invented the number we ALL KNOW OF as 0

What contributions did Bhaskaracharya have on math?

zero was discovered by him

Which is bhaskaracharya's most celebrated book?


How can you invent a number?

You can't invent any number!!

What did the Maya invent?