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I think Muslims perfected geometry and geometric art at the same time that they did not allow people or animals in their art.

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Q: When did the Muslims perfect geometry and geometric art?
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When did Muslims perfect geometry and geomatric art?

in part due to the fact that, to represent anything that is a creation of Gods is a sin. Geometric art is not an attempt to recreate/represent the creation of God.

What Muslim excelled in the area of geometry?

The Muslims also excelled in geometry as reflected in their art.

What Muslim excelled in area of geometry?

The Muslims also excelled in geometry as reflected in their art.

What is the math relations in string art?

The angles and the geometric shapes that the string makes is in relation to geometry.

What do muslims use instaead of images in there art?

Classic Muslim art often uses geometric shapes.

Why and how is geometric art used in Islam?

Islam forbids drawing animals or people. So for decoration, Muslims use geometric patterns, or tessellations.

What type of art did the Muslims use?

Much Islamic art is geometric, due to sanctions against the depiction of living things (which might be worshipped instead of Allah).

What type of art utilizes geometric shapes that are perfect and that can also be illusions like appear to be an optical illusion?

What’s the answer

What do Muslims do instead of images in their art?

Much decoration in Muslim temples involves calligraphy.

What are two examples of acceptable art forms to Islamic tenets?

Muslims view portrayal of the human form to be sinful idolatry Thus, there are no portraits in Islamic art. This leaves most Islamic art to focus on nature or geometry, as is apparent in famed Middle-Eastern tiles. Mosque architecture focuses on pattern and clean geometry.

What is geometric in art?

where shapes are used to create art

How is geometry used in different subjects besides math?

Usually when geometry is used outside of the subject of math, it doesn't seem like math. One use of geometry is in art, many people learn to draw a tree as a circle on top OS a rectangle, two geometric figures. Another use of geometry is in science, when many experiments are accompanied by drawings of the set-up or findings.