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Q: When did the angles fall from heaven?
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Are there any female angles in Heaven?

Angles have no gender, neither do angels.

Hebrew word for fall from heaven?

to fall from heaven (or to fall from the sky) = nafal mehashamayim (נפל מהשמיים)

Can you fall in love with somone in heaven or hell?

You can in heaven but not in hell

What are things that fall from heaven?

Things that fell from heaven are mainly manna.

When did lucifer fall from heaven?

There is no specific date.

Does rod Stewart sing the song angles would fall?


Can angels fall in love with human spirits in heaven?


Who saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven?


What trible setteled in England after the fall of the roman empire?

The Angles, the Saxons and the Vikings.

What the angle of the sun's rays are like during the fall in Florida?

During the fall the sun will be at the same angles as experienced during the spring.

What were the negative effects of the Temple of Heaven in China?

the negitive effects the temple of china are the rocks may fall on the ground and can fall on the visitors

Angels in heaven?

Yes there are angels in heaven. They have the responsibility of carrying out God's will either in heaven or here upon the earth. Angles can be Pre-existant Spirits, Tanslated Beings or Resurrected Personages. Even righteous mortal men have been referred to as angels.